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June 7, 2014
Almodovar dans toute sa splendeur...
J'ai RAREMENT vu un homme qui aime & comprend aussi bien les femmes !!!
May 14, 2014
It wasn't what I was expecting, but it had its fun moments as well as a very strange and unique story, that was benefited by some great performances and script.
April 6, 2014
Movies like Volver aren't usually my favorite, but Volver is a technically brilliant movie, filled with colors and beautiful imagery. Penelope Cruz gives a very emotionally complex performance and although some moments are melodramatic, Volver is able to overcome those with an all-around very well-made movie
April 6, 2014
A lively and thoroughly fascinating family drama, featuring the performance of Cruz's career.
March 9, 2014
Me manteve entretido e curioso do início ao fim. Ótimas atuações, os diálogos inspirados de sempre
e Almodóvar+Cruz em sua melhor forma. Aplausos
February 23, 2014
Not a perfect film but quite memorable and iconic. Very well written with a good, humble ending.
February 18, 2014
Volver had a feel to it that made it seem much older than it actually was. 2006 I believe it was filmed but the celluloid was grainy and after looking it over I found it was shot on Kodak Vision2 250D 5205 and Vision2 500T 5218 Film. The look was nice with a bit of attention given to the colors with red being fairly prominent; actually primary colors were very prominent throughout the picture.
I give the most credit however to the great attention to characters and the story. I for one am a big fan of Penelope Cruz. I definitely have a thing for woman from southern Europe. Goodness gracious me. Anyways, she plays Raimunda, a mother figure who has pushed away her demons and strives to become a decent mother for her daughter. Her performance is quite good. You can see the depth of what she is going through or has gone through in the way she carries herself at the beginning to the different moments in the story when she is more distracted. I thought there was a lot going on with her character. The cast is almost entirely woman and I really liked that. The varieties of characters their lives interwoven were fun to unravel.
There is a darkness to the story that is woven in and out of sequences and a kind of mysticism that is present with discussion of the afterlife. There is a particular moment when one of the woman is telling a story and we are engaged as if it is an old camp fire story and it really is effective. It is a key moment so I wont go into it. There are several of these moment that are so well done and are hypnotic in effect that you may lose yourself in the film. It ends on the most bizarre not but it really is perfect if you think about it. Great Film.
January 11, 2014
Almodóvar's mysteriously charming drama full of humour and irony tells the tale of three generations of a family intertwining and a mother coming back from the after life to fix the situations she couldn't take care of while she was alive. This is the work of a filmmaker at its peak, confidently directed with a beautiful colourful visual style that has become the characteristic style of Almodóvar. The dialogue too is very quirky but there is a soft inner core with plenty of humanity and tenderness that gives the film a charming backdrop. The performances are great and Cruz, one of Pedro's muses, takes centre stage and delivers a powerhouse performance in the leading role.
December 30, 2013
Volver is another excellent film from master director Almodovar. Teaming up again with beautiful actress Penelope Cruz, he embarks us on a story of love, revenge and betrayal as only he knows how to do them and treat them. Wonderful film.
December 1, 2013
I do not get tired of watching this film. Truly think Penelope should have earned her second Oscar with this one...in any case, is one of those family related films that leaves you a warm feeling inside. Splashed with bits of thriller and mystery, Almodovar´s Volver to me is side by side with Todo sobre mi madre.
½ October 12, 2013
another touching and messed-up story from Pedro Almodovar.
September 10, 2013
Penelope Cruz is underrated. She is a very versatile actress. Worth checking out.
September 5, 2013
A great Almodovar dramady, and the best performance of Penelope Cruz's career.
August 26, 2013
Best Almodovar movie.
½ August 22, 2013
This started out amazingly with the cover up of the murder. It got increasingly more boring as it went on, although it definitely had it's intriguing moments.
August 17, 2013
Penelope Cruz is pretty amazing in this movie;she sings classic flamenco remarkably well! This is a very Almodozar film yet is pretty "safe"...probably since Cruz stars. It's super colorful (in many ways). See it.
August 15, 2013
Penelopé Cruz was awesome in this movie i loved it.
Super Reviewer
½ August 11, 2013
This film is very morbid but easily whimsical as well. Utilizing the culturally significant magic realism, the film deals with the beautiful concept of resurrection through familiar ties, but also brings up a lot of unsavory subjects. Just to name a few there's murder, incest, rape, and arson. Even though the pit of your stomach roils in waves at times, much of this feels very loving. The film is about the language of death, and how it can be translated by the living. Aiding in this interpretation is the way the dead are celebrated and remembered at their graves by their loved ones. The very beginning of the film starts in a graveyard, and throughout the film the imagery of morbidity strengthens itself by showing ghosts, white haired poltergeists, and bold colors that look an awful lot like blood. The main characters are sisters Raimunda (Cruz) and Sole (Duenas), who have different interpretations of their parent's deaths so many years ago. While one only wants to remember and sympathize with her mother, the other wants to romanticize the past rather than feel the pain she has buried for so long. The characters keep the story lively as they speak about their pasts, about how they see themselves through their descendant's eyes, and how their futures could be brightened through their own fates. Raimunda finally takes charge of her life after being smothered by the influence of her husband Paco (de la Torre) and Sole finds herself leaving her hardened shell and embracing her mother for the first time. The links between the family are interesting, but it's the twist ending that really cements this as an impressive study of life among Spanish women. Besides the mood of the film, it's really an interesting visual experience, and that lends to its rural atmosphere and ability to show the lives of women who have lost it all, but gained so much more.
½ July 23, 2013
Y quien no quiere volver?.. Como sí el volver nos asegurara la salvación.
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