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April 25, 2016
Low budget nonsense with minimal scares but a cheesy feel that has its appeal to fans of 50's cinema.
April 25, 2016
I love this classic film!
½ April 13, 2013
Well this had a very underwhelming ending, i really don't get what the deal was. I suppose carnivorous rubber plants are mentally disturbing after all and it seems Jean Engstrom was doing the acting for both her AND the evil tentacle leaf things in the water. I particularly liked Murvyn Vye here, but what's with Boris Karloff standing extremely close to anyone he's conversing with? I hope he brushed his teeth. There's not much on offer here, just the stereotypical view of native pacific islanders practicing voodoo with dolls which is REALLY dumb.
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½ February 15, 2009
My first question in watching this old Black & White Movie is what color is Boris Karloff suppose to be, In this movie he looks like he's a few shades darker then a white man and a lot of shades lighter then the native Hawaiians posing as pacific islanders. Anyway its another one of those so called movies where Boris is playing a role other then horror, rare how rare you ask beats me, past 3 films I have seen him in he hasn't played a horror role yet (Dr Wong) . In this one he is a Scientific investigator, checking out this pacific island for a wealthy industrialist who wants to put a Hotel resort on the island, but thing go wrong when plants start drowning people and eating people, the remaining group is captured by natives only to be let go after one person dies while captured. The last we see is Boris and another man who has been scared stiff walking off in the sunset. 2 1/2 stars is about all its worth.
October 22, 2008
Not Boris Karloff's finest hour, he was so much better in the Val Lewton movies, not to mention Frankenstein and The Mummy. A low budget and uninspired screenplay sink this rather ho-hum horror flick. There is an interesting lesbian character hitting on a younger girl, but it's not enough to recommend this barely average B-movie.
½ June 22, 2007
Odd little movie, one of several in the cheapjack voodoo cycle of late fifties. Boris Karloff is on hand as a professional debunker, Murvyn Vye is Barton MacLane guy, all bluster and macho, Elisha Cook, Jr. is furtive and nervous. The jungle sets are unbelievable even by B movie standards; the plot is impossible to follow, as it moves from the semi-serious, early on, to the surreal, as story progresses; and production values are suggestive of a late entry in the Bomba series. Yet it has its charms, and I wouldn't call it unwatchable, just dumb. Everyone in the movie seems to be an inhabitant of his own special mental world, regardless of what is in fact going on in the story, and the movie is a bit of a mix and match job, with voodoo set in the Pacific, rather than the Caribbean, killer plants, sinister natives, who have a compassionate streak, and air of magnanimous confusion that can draw in the most critical viewer if he's in the right mood, and too lazy to change the channel.
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