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November 14, 2011
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(2004) The Vulture's Eye

Another straight-to-rental cheap quickie, done by via cam-corder shot on someone's abandoned house on the neck of the woods about an overweight and older Van Helsing's goal to kill a vampire who can walk around during the daytime victimizing two couples wives, with their husbands doing there darndest to keep them safe! Obvious, body double nudity were used on the two ladies in question- one of them had a name similar to what one could find from a bad stripper bar since they consists of some of the most saggiest looking breasts I had ever saw in a film. It's so bad, one can get better entertainment watching things on youtube.
Footnote: I have to confess that I've used my fast forward button while playing it at least 85% of the film, and that the 2 people on the poster are not in the actual film at all. The vampire looks like an old timer and the 2 actresses are non-Asian, one has a English accent and the other is an 30 something white American!

Bomb or zero stars
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