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November 6, 2019
What can I say? THE WACKNESS is the most WACKTASTIC, FAN -*$&%ING-TASTIC film of the year!
July 6, 2019
A pretty standard coming-of-age tale about a boy's last summer of childhood.
November 4, 2018
As unoriginal and cliché-ridden as Levine's screenplay is, he has taken care in developing some genuinely attractive off the wall characters
August 7, 2018
Fortunately Peck's diamond acting pulls the film above its murky setting. It takes some courage to be this vulnerable on screen, and Peck is uncommonly good at it.
November 18, 2011
August 15, 2011
An exercise in style and wit, two commodities that never go out of fashion.
May 31, 2011
Josh Peck and Ben Kingsley make for an oddly engaging couple in Jonathan Levine's audacious comedy about sex, drugs, and unexpected friendships.
August 26, 2009
It's an utterly routine picture, but its low-key mood and acting disarm
July 30, 2009
With a game cast and cool songs from the era... heartfelt moments battling clumsy ones, The Wackness isn't quite dope but, like a good mixtape it is full of highlights.
January 19, 2009
Dumb title? Certainly. Perfectly proportioned? Nope. True-to-life? Certainly not. An enjoyably quirky indie comedy? You bet.
December 3, 2008
Parallel yet intertwined older and younger generations, and a real girl, set this above the usual young dudes genre, changing from comic to romantic to poignant and back.
November 19, 2008
If nothing else, it's probably worth seeing for the kissing scene between Kingsley and Mary-Kate Olsen.
November 14, 2008
It's an old theme. Levine tackles it with gusto and verve, and if ultimately he overdoes it with a hi-end quirky style, I think there's enough authenticity here to see the film through.
November 14, 2008
This is a gently humorous and beautifully moving film.
November 14, 2008
Levine's extended use of sepia-toned cinematography adds to the film's charmless look, matching the bleakness of the lives of most of the people he presents to the audience.
November 14, 2008
It muddles through on its period infatuation and on Kingsley's dope-loving turn as a doctor constantly on the verge of another hit.
November 14, 2008
The performances are all very fine, but the standout is Ben Kingsley's Squires. It's so unexpected.
November 13, 2008
Better than most "coming of age" stories due to some fine comic and dramatic performances by a talented cast.
November 8, 2008
A thoroughly engaging comic drama with absurdist elements %u2013 or is that just real life
September 16, 2008
THE WACKNESS is one of those small little movies that come under the radar and sneak up on you.
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