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Waiting to Exhale Quotes

  • Fireman: Ma'am, were you aware that your car was on fire?
    Bernadine Harris: (Nods her head while smoking a cigarette)
    Fireman: Ma'am, did you start this fire?
    Bernadine Harris: (Puffs smoke and plainly looks at him)
    Fireman: You know, it's against the law to burn anything except trash in your yard.
    Bernadine Harris: (flicks off ashes from her cigarette) It is trash.
    Fireman: Look, this is a nice area. Luckily, a neighbor cared enough. Listen, the next time you wanna burn something...
    Bernadine Harris: It won't happen again.
    Bernadine Harris: (Shuts the door in his face)

  • Bernadine Harris: (Arguing about money at John's office) Who do you think started this damn company, huh? And now, you think you can just take the money and run...
    John Sr.: Business hasn't been good for years, but don't you worry, you'll get what's comin' to you.
    Bernadine Harris: Hell, I'm not worried... you, on the other hand, should be.
    John Sr.: I am prepared to offer you $300,000 cash, *today*
    Bernadine Harris: Your children aren't for sale. (walks away)
    John Sr.: Oh, by the way, I'm comin' to pick up my kids on Saturday.
    Bernadine Harris: Yeah? (Walks back toward John)
    Bernadine Harris: And if I hear you had 'em anywhere near that tramp *bitch*, you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life!

  • Gloria Johnson: Your father's comin' home on Tuesday.
    Tarik: And? First of all, he ain't my father, he's my daddy; there's a big damn difference.

  • Bernadine Harris: I give you eleven fucking years of my life and you're telling me that you're leaving for a white woman?
    John Sr.: Would it help if she was black?
    Bernadine Harris: No. It would help if you were black.

  • Troy: You black bitches are all the same.
    Robin Stokes: Bitch?
    Troy: Ya'll always complanin' about how nobody don't want your ass, don't nobody know how to treat ya! Then you meet a man, a brother, with genuine interest in ya, and you gotta act simple. Then you wonder why we date white women.
    Robin Stokes: A white woman can have your sorry ass!

  • Gloria Johnson: Would you like to have dinner with us? It's just leftovers. Collard greens and corn bread, some candied yarns, a little potato salad, fried chicken, peach cobbler and a few slice of ham.
    Marvin: I would love to, but I've got so much to do around here. Maybe some other time.
    Gloria Johnson: To be honest, I don't have no business eatin' any of it as big as I am
    Marvin: My wife was a big woman too. I like a woman with some meat on her bones.

  • Bernadine Harris: It won't happen again!.
    Bernadine Harris: It won't happen again.

  • Troy: You black bitches are all the same?.
    Troy: You black bitches are all the same.

  • Robin Stokes: A white women can have your sorry ass?.
    Robin Stokes: A white woman can have your sorry ass!

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