Waking the Dead Reviews

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September 7, 2011
August 23, 2010
Crudup and Connelly outperform the material.
December 6, 2005
Waking the Dead is D.O.A., and none of its manifest good intentions are capable of resuscitating it.
September 27, 2005
August 19, 2005
An enticingly adult drama that frustratingly loses the nerve to follow its richest threads.
July 21, 2005
You can embrace this movie's message, which has less to do with political agendas than basic human decency and the enduring power of love. And if that's not enough to make a film worthwhile, we don't know what is.
June 26, 2005
April 3, 2005
Connely's great, but Crudup's a revelation in this serious and sobering romantic tragedy.
March 31, 2005
As boring as batshit
June 10, 2004
February 15, 2004
I really liked the fragmented structure and was impressed as usual by Billy Crudup.
January 13, 2004
The specter of the film lingers long after it's over, and the memory of it grows more affectionate.
November 25, 2003
August 22, 2003
May 20, 2003
Painfully earnest.
April 25, 2003
Waking the Dead may put you to sleep.
March 19, 2003
Great performances by Crudup and Connely can't quite save it from a tedious and meandering script.
December 8, 2002
A moving drama about loss that is not what you'd expect.
November 7, 2002
Moving tale about love, regret and redemption boasts standout script and performances.
September 4, 2002
A dead-on rumination of love and loss... [that] suggests a delicate painting come to life or a bunch of wistful old Polaroids scattered on a living room floor.
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