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February 3, 2017
The animation is great! :)
½ October 6, 2016
It's alright. It gets very boring at times, and the humor isn't as good as it could be. It especially got me when Dot seemingly passes away, and we see major characters losing it. That's why I'm giving i a 2.5.
½ April 23, 2016
Tomando todos los elementos característicos de animaniacs contando con una historia original, llega a crear un musical divertido como tambien llega ser emotivo.
April 16, 2016
A worthless piece of shit from one of the most overrated cartoon series of all-time. It stupid, dumb and has too much damn singing. This film makes Barney's Great Adventure look like a masterpiece.
July 25, 2015
If one is a fan of the show, then one is going to love this film! It has the best parts of the animated show while having none of the negatives. As great as that might seem, what makes this film truly great is the Christmas twist. Normally I am not a fan to these holiday features but the Christmas addition brings it to life. The Animaniacs are back in action and they were never better!
#MustSee #MustOwn
February 21, 2015
This movie was the Animaniacs' last hurrah before being pushed into few video games, then vanished completely into the water tower for good due to inane demographic reasons, even though other shows have the same sort of demographic of kids and adults and they remain on air to this day. While some parts of the movie definitely get dark, even controversial, it still retains a musical and zany charm, but this time with an actual story rather than nonsense.

The story itself is rather lighthearted and fun to follow, albeit with the aforementioned dark moments, with the kid-friendly happy ending we've come to expect. Every actor reprises their role beautifully and the script and songs rather nicely written, with every character making an appearance, either as a main one or a cameo. Even though some characters, Warners included, act slightly out of character here, instead of zany nonsense 24/7, they do add definitive characteristics and traits to our titular trio, such as care, trust and determination for each other, rather than annoyance. At worst, it's only slightly jarring from characters like these, and at best, it's refreshing to see them in a new light as defined characters, coherent for adults and funny enough for kids, with not too many jokes that will fly by the heads of many.

No Animaniacs collection is complete without this movie. If you can still find it in varying online stores, buy it now and watch for yourself as it is most likely the last major hurrah of this trio of memorable toons. We only hope to see them again in a future reboot, should the desire be high enough.
November 10, 2014
For a movie adaptation for a popular 90's animated show, this film delivers well for both the kids and it's loyal fans. Has a decent plot, with quite funny original songs, and the usual jokes you would expect from the show.
½ October 8, 2014
"Wakko's Wish" de Animaniacs es una corta película animada que reúne tanto humor ingenuo así como humor maduro que audiencias infantiles y maduras pueden entender y gozar.
September 26, 2013
A Christmas Classic that has little to nothing to do with Christmas. Wakko's wish is wealthy in eye and ear candy for both young children and adults. Despite being a direct-to-video kids movie, you can certainly tell a lot of effort was put into this film. The movie looks amazing, the animation is even superior to the already fantastic looking Animaniacs cartoon show. The musical numbers are beautiful and well executed. The movie even manages to be somewhat touching without being over the top or sappy. This is a must-see for parents and kids-at-heart everywhere.
½ September 19, 2013
The first thing I notice is the opening credits. They are actually naming the cartoon characters in the movie (Slappy Squirel, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, etc.) like they are real people. I have to say I love that, it's just a little respectable touch that the animators put in just to add to the magic that is the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister. It shows a lot of respect to their characters and truly sets the tone for this thing. I can't help but like this movie. It's true that if it was released in theaters today it wouldn't do well. But I don't care. It's a good story, it's got good characters that I know and love, it's got good jokes, and a really good villain. Narrated by Ben Stein of all people, isn't that a joke in itself? It just warms my heart each time I watch it; I can really see the love and care people put into this. It's also the only time I ever really got to see the softer side of the Warner siblings. Some of the scenes with Yakko and Dot (like when he's telling her the story) just make me smile. I even love the songs (as simple as they may be). The moral is simple as well, but now that I think about it, I don't hear it often enough these days. All I hear is doom and gloom anymore. Even in kids shows the morals have kind of disappeared for the sake of bad slapstick and gross out humor, so this is a nice alternative for kids. It's nice to be told to cheer up once in a while, and the Animaniacs humor is just the type of pick me up I needed today.
September 4, 2013
The only way to truly appreciate the film, is if you follow the television series. For the most part the characters, running gags and in-jokes are built upon the foundation laid out by the television show, and for me it worked out quite well. Its sweet, warm-hearted, funny and absurd. Its not the best movie they could make but its pretty darn good. I love Animaniacs, plain and simple. The series has been a big part of my childhood, and I am more than grateful that it has proven to be great entertainment for all ages, so that it continues to be a part of my adulthood. What can I say to end this review? NARF.
April 5, 2013
Following it's cancellation by scumbag Jamie Kellner, "Animaniacs" released it's only feature film, "Wakko's Wish". Every family will enjoy this film as much as they enjoyed the show; I know I most certainly did. Now it may be a bit (just a tiny bit) dark on subject matter, but it is nevertheless an enjoyable film with great music, zany/dramatic moments, & the funny characters from the series making their return as one last hurrah. The Animaniacs may be gone, but they'll never be forgotten.
December 24, 2012
The final Animaniacs animation, and it goes out with a bang.
November 6, 2012
Good comedy, but should of been more
½ September 19, 2012
The perfect way to put an exclamation point on the Anamaniacs saga.
June 7, 2012
Excuse me while I try to quench my nostalgia hysteria.
April 18, 2012
It's a very good and funny movie.
½ April 12, 2012
A decent film, though it isn't really as good as the actual Animaniacs show. It starts to feel more like Animaniacs near the end, which is a lot of fun.
Gavin the moviejunkie1994
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January 15, 2012
I fell in love with the Animaniacs ever since I was a little boy. Their episodes were charming, witty, and hilarious with wonderful jokes and tremendous and likable characters.

After seeing that Warner Bros decided to make a film about the Animaniacs, I was thriled with excitement and Wakko's Wish left me wide-opened as I go with the positives. The animation is brilliant with colorful backgrounds and lovely character models. The voice acting is great with Rob Paulsen, Tress Macnellie, and more. The characters are witty and hilarious especially in the moments with Pinky and Brain along with a horse that Pinky loves.

There are two problems that I do have with this film. The story, while having touching moments, is rather predictable at times and the songs were mediocre.

Wakko's Wish isn't a classic, but a enjoyable children's film and a wonderful Christmas experience for kids young and old.

Rating: 8.2/10
January 1, 2012
it was a fantastic movie!!!! all the songs we're fantastic as well!!!! it had heart as well as funny moments.
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