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½ July 4, 2010
a PG romantic comedy including the ridiculousness of Clue and the sweetness of Mary Poppins.
½ June 7, 2010
Cary Grant (in the role of the meddlesome William Rutland) operates the coffee percolator, sublets his half of Christine Easton's apartment, loses pants, scales the building, toasts country after country, contemplates the mysteries of womanhood, and ogles lady shot putters in the land of stereotypes and loud television. A simple notice on a bulletin board leads to one big non sequitur of a spy debacle at the Olympics. 'Will you stop saying Sir William?!'
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May 18, 2010
Holy Cary Grant in his boxers! Loved that. Freaking priceless and it may have been his last film, but damn, he went out in style. Grant is easily and obviously the best part of this film and he is pure brilliance. Can't say quite as much for the story, but it was still a cute little romantic comedy and I'll give plot and setting a + for originality.
May 16, 2010
A nice and light way to end Cary Grant's career with his final performance being as inimitably smooth and suave as ever. The plot's lightness makes it drag a little and the scenes without Grant are hurt by his absence; the supporting actor was not very good. Without Grant, this film would not have been memorable in the slightest but it is very much his film and as such it becomes the showcase for some notable comedic set pieces built around his debonair charm.
May 12, 2010
Can't compare to the original version from 1943 "The More the Merrier". Forced comedy, occasionally amusing. Without Cary Grant it would have been a dud. Tim Hutton just doesn't have what it takes in this film. Samantha Eggar is a bland choice. Uninspiring fluff.
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April 16, 2010
This is the last movie that Cary Grant starred in. I kind of wish it could have been a much better picture. But Cary Grant still delivers a great performance. His character needs a place to stay in Japan during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He ends up at a apartment with a young women played by Samantha Egger. Then they get another man who is in the Olympics staying with them as well. This leads to many funny scenes and dialogue. This movie was filmed in Japan during the Tokyo Olympics. The story is solid. Grant, Hutton and Eggar are all great in their roles. Especially Cary Grant. Grant has his comedy style down and always makes me laugh. He made this a much better movie. There is also a romance story between Hutton and Eggar characters. Not a great finish to Cary Grant career but not a bad one either. A must see for any fan of Cary Grant.
½ March 29, 2010
Very cute. Never would happen but still cute.
½ February 20, 2010
Cary Grant went out still at the top of his game. His final movie has him playing yet another super-smooth, ultra-cool cat. This wacky comedy set in Japan in the days leading up to the Olympics is a fun, breezy watch. And even though the story of the film is really about the two young leads, Grant owns the picture. The man had fantastic comic timing. A must for Grant fans. Though it's a touch racy for the time, there's noting too objectionable for some fun family viewing. And you might spot a pre-Star Trek George Takei in there.
½ September 18, 2009
es hermosa esta peli!
esta divino Cary !
y salio hermoso Jim, ni hablar de Samantha!
½ September 3, 2009
my 2nd fav classic <3
August 12, 2009
Cary Grant's last film. It's kind of cutesy but worth seeing if you are a Grant fan.
May 1, 2009
It said that when asked why he quit making movies, Cary Grant said that he though he was too old to be the leading man and that his fans wouldn't accet anything else. I think it's too bad because I believe he would have delivered his best acting had he continued. Perhaps he avoided being exploited however. I found myself wanting more from Cary Grant following his real life exploits through the tabloids until his death in 1986 at age 82. But, it's better to appreciate what was than regret what was not. Cary Grant was great and a true gift to cinema.
½ April 26, 2009
I was pleasantly surprised by this. While not uproariously funny, it had its moments.
I was also surprised to see George Takei in this. Quite odd not seeing him in anything other than Star Trek.
April 26, 2009
This is hilarious! I love Grant's work.
March 9, 2009
Funny little movie that was Grant's last Film
December 8, 2008
This wasn't the highest note a star like Cary Grant could go out on but it does him justice. The story is corny and somewhat un-engaging. This isn't because of Jim Hutton or Samantha Eggar, they were fine. Grant is in fact the only reason to watch this though.
½ November 10, 2008
very funny cary grant movie....
October 17, 2008
This is one of the few Cary Grant movies where none of the co-stars were really recognizable to me. Unless you count Sulu, working down at the Tokyo police station. It's a fun, little story of a crowded city even more crowded during the Olympics. So crowded, in fact, that a man is sharing an apartment with a woman!
½ September 9, 2008
Cary Grant-- An actor who knew how to age and when to step out. A great end to a great career.
½ September 9, 2008
Cary Grant's last film is witty and satisfying. This is definately not a plot driven movie, as story development is in sparse chunks here and there and then packed into the end. That's okay. It relied on its well timed gags and chemistry between Eggar and Grant. Which reminds me, I must thank this movie's casting department for introducing me to Samantha Eggar.
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