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November 18, 2011
I wonder a little what kids will make of the long silence of the first half followed by the disorienting mania of the second, but there's nothing here that's not wonderfully imagined and lovingly presented.
November 13, 2008
October 18, 2008
The most consistent production unit in Hollywood just hit another home run.
October 18, 2008
Among its many wondrous achievements, the animated WALL-E is a sci-fi trifecta: a vision of the future, a tale for our times and a blast from the past.
July 14, 2008
WALL-E is a classic, but it will never appeal to people who are happy with art only when it has as little bite as possible.
July 8, 2008
You'd have to be a machine for your heart not to melt.
June 20, 2019
Ultimately, WALL-E is about nothing less than one of the tenets of human existence: the need to find a partner with whom to share life's experiences.
June 6, 2019
A sweeping, glorious spectacle that never loses sight of its heart or the simple, heartrending love story at its core.
April 24, 2019
One of the most gorgeous animated films ever made- CG or 2D.
February 14, 2019
Wall-E is near the top of the list of films I call "friendship killers."
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