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September 22, 2017
Phillips borrows openly from Martin Scorsese's style for this kind of story, especially Goodfellas, but he's got the story to stand up to the style.
August 22, 2016
At best, War Dogs is a missed creative opportunity; at worst, it's a quasi-celebration of two vile schemers, one that ignores the brutality of the world they capitalized on.
August 21, 2016
A diverting but by no means indispensable expose of the international arms black market.
August 21, 2016
Instead of outrage or any sense of shock and surprise, all the film has on offer is mild entertainment. Given the company, that feels like a bit of a miss.
August 21, 2016
The characters have no memories, no identities, no range of interests, no personal connections, no idiosyncrasies beyond the dictates of the plot and the numbingly clear point that the filmmakers use it to make.
Top Critic
August 20, 2016
Since wrapping The Hangover trilogy, Phillips's creativity hasn't developed - it's devolved.
February 15, 2019
War Dogs struggles a bit with its identity, seemingly unsure whether it wants to be a comedy or a drama and thus winding up in a bit of a muddy middle. Still, the dynamic between [Miles] Teller and [Jonah] Hill goes a long way.
January 15, 2019
These are some ugly people, doing ugly things for money, and for that "War Dogs" does its job of making the audience see a side of America that surely no one wants to talk about.
December 10, 2018
WAR DOGS is a mixed bag of great lines of snappy dialogue and a couple of truly intense scenes, yet somehow (aside from Jonah Hill) it all seems half-baked with several empty spaces to fill.
December 7, 2018
The only reason to see this film is for Jonah Hill's performance. Those are twelve words I never in my life thought I'd say.
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