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Nam-Yi is branded a traitor, but also happens to be the best archer in the Joseon Dynasty. Nam-Yi's main desire is to keep his sister, Ja-In safe from any harm. However, on the day of his sister's wedding, their village is attacked by the Qing Dynasty of China. The village in which Nam-Yi and Ja-In live is in the path of invasion and Ja-In gets kidnapped by the elite troop (Niru) of Qing. Niru departs from his demolished village with a bow that his father had bequeathed upon him before dying. They are relentless in their chase to bring down Nam-Yi, who has but one day to save his sister from slavery. As Nam-Yi finally gets a hold of his sister, Jyu Shin-Ta comes between them and a fierce battle between two of the finest warriors unfolds.

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  • Jan 19, 2016
    The film has a relentless chase in the second half of the film that is easily one of the best seen on film. I couldn't stop watching and was glued to my seat, this is great filmmaking and another Asian film to showcase the high standard of film. Beautiful to watch and easily climbs into the top ten of 2011.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 31, 2015
    Moving story, gripping action but pretty formulaic. Good fun for the family compared to Battle Royale...
    Letitia L Super Reviewer
  • Nov 10, 2013
    In "War of the Arrows," Seo-gun(Mu-Yeol Kim) wants to marry Ja-in(Chae-won Moon), despite the whole business about her being the daughter of a traitor and forced to work a lowly job in a joyhouse in order to make ends meet. This is a point her brother Nam-yi(Hae-il Park) makes forcefully clear, even challenging Seo-gun to wrestling which he promptly loses. After all of that, all goes well with the wedding, at least until the Mongols show up to invade the country without bringing any presents. When it gets its mind in the right place, "War of the Arrows" can be an entertaining action film. But sadly that is not nearly enough, as it takes forever to get to the plot and get going, with scenes that simply go on much too long. And it also goes without saying that none of this is subtle in the least. Plus, when the baddie makes pefect sense in wondering why the heroes went to so much trouble, you know you're in trouble. In any case, there is nothing new about a damsel in distress, especially in this neo-post-pre-modernist-Marxist culture we are all living in, even if she can handle herself in a fight.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 12, 2012
    Our fable is set during the second Manchurian invasion of Korea in the 17th century, but you'd never get any of that by watching this movie. Superficial tale is more concerned with endless POV shots of flying arrows in slow motion going back and forth in a display of archery prowess. There is scant historical context or even dialogue for that matter to give depth to the narrative. Even the romantic subplot is forgettable. I suppose there's drama in cheering a single man going on the offensive armed with nothing more than a bow and arrow. There's a few mildly interesting battle sequences, but none of them rise above the action of a decent TV show. At one point we are introduced to Jyu Shin-Ta, the leader of Qing Dynasty's troop. At least he gives a human face to the enemy that solicits some much needed excitement. Unfortunately it's too little, too late. Only in the final confrontation do we truly get the emotional connection the story lacks. I dare say there's more character development in the animated Kung Fu Panda. fastfilmreviews.wordpress.com
    Mark H Super Reviewer

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