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The war horror hybrid War of the Dead focuses on a platoon of American and Finnish soldiers who, after an ill-advised battle, soon find themselves on the run from soldiers they've already killed.
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Andrew Tiernan
as Martin Stone
Mikko Leppilampi
as Luutnantti Laakso
Jouko Ahola
as Kapteeni Niemi
Mark Wingett
as Selzman
Antti Reini
as Kersantti Halonen
Alden Anderson
as Venäläinen sotilas
Tomas Ereminas
as Sotilas
Olivier Gruner
as Venäläinen sotilas
Marko Mäkilaakso
as Korpraali Jackson
Andrius Paulavicius
as Venäläinen sotilas
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Critic Reviews for War Of The Dead

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Plenty of bullets are fired. But, "War of the Dead" is really lacking the gore necessary for even an average zombie flick.

Full Review… | January 11, 2013
Movie Chambers

...the filmmakers try to tie the loose ends but do not always succeed, making the film feel hurried getting to its conclusion.

Full Review… | January 3, 2013
Reeling Reviews

This is a zombie film with little to no gore. It's an in and out mission with no suspense or scares. "War of the Dead" is simply an exercise in filmmaking.

Full Review… | December 24, 2012
Reeling Reviews

Audience Reviews for War Of The Dead

I prefer zombie movies where the zombies are walkers & HATE the movies where they're runners.I was hoping the zombies in War Of The Dead were going to be walkers but I guess I should've known.I know I probably would've been way more into the movie if they were.Hopefully someday, somebody will make a zombie war movie where they are.If it's been done recently I know nothing about it.Surprisingly though, it worked in War Of The Dead.I couldn't imagine the zombies being any other way.War Of The Dead was a non stop action/horror flick.Something was always happening here & there & the zombies being like they were, just added to it.I was into it right from the start till the very end.Still it's not something I'd ever watch again or want to add to my movie collection but if somebody was thinking about watching it I wouldn't tell them not to.If they were thinking about buying it, I'd tell them not to unless they got it super cheap or at least watched it 1st

Brody Manson
Brody Manson

Super Reviewer

An all out Nazi bloodbath, throw in the fact that there zombies and it's one of the best films EVER!!!!

Jason Buchanan
Jason Buchanan

War of the Dead (Marko Mäkilaasko, 2011) I was all set to love this movie-a Finnish knock-off of Norway's first, and best, Nazi zombie flick, Død Snø, that also happens to star Invincible's Jouko Ahola. How could you possibly go wrong? Well, in quite a few ways, as it turns out. This is depressing, because War of the Dead wanted to be a better movie than it is, and it almost, but not quite, succeeded. In fact, it might be possible to make a case that Paul Campion's The Devil's Rock, released the same year, is exactly the film War of the Dead wanted to be, but didn't quite get there. Plot: An American platoon, deep in the middle of nowhere (the accents sounded kind of Austrian to me, one synopsis tells me they're in Russia, another one says in the Carpathians-how does that even make sense in WW2?), comes upon a platoon of the enemy, ambushes them, and wipes them out. Everyone's happy. Well, except the guys on the other side of that firefight, they're pretty pissed. So what do they do? Get right back up and start eating the erstwhile victors. Obviously, things are not what they seem in this little corner of the world, and our hapless survivors find themselves tasked with a much more important mission than the simple wiping out of a bunker... Any number of good ideas to be found here, but none of them actually come to fruition. I suspect an overzealous editing hand was involved in at least part of this, as in the last third or thereabouts things get incoherent now and again; all the setup and pacing disappear into action scene after action scene, and it struck me on a number of occasions that there should have been stuff in between the bullets flying and zombies stomping and all that sort of thing. By the end I was wondering if everyone involved hadn't simply given up and decided to release whatever came out of the editing room. A depressing thought, but the only hypothesis that made any sense in my head-at least, it made more sense than the actual movie did. I'd love to see the shooting script to find out what was actually supposed to happen. * 1/2

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

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