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In Old Oklahoma (War of the Wildcats) Reviews

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½ September 29, 2012
A slightly lower than average film that has some good moments despite the fact that John Wayne is in it and he is acting.
April 13, 2012
Oklahoma, the only reason Texas doesn't fall into the Gulf. Oklahoma sucks.
½ March 17, 2011
fun enough, with some good performances, its entertaining and is well paced out
May 6, 2010
Very much an out-of-the-mould 'new guy in town gets the better of the local big cheese and wins back the girl' type of movie he turned out in the 40's. Pretty good fun, if very dated.
May 12, 2009
Even though the characters are very one dimensional, the plot is a progressive latter day western which has pace and interest throughout, Wayne remains his usual self throughout, often unrecognisable to other Republic films of the time.
March 27, 2009
can't beat the old black and white films. good film worth a watch.
March 11, 2009
Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor
January 31, 2006
Decent but pretty average John Wayne western. The story is fine, the acting so-so. Nothing outstanding at all about the film, but it is well made and there is nothing awful about it either.
May 6, 2005
A pretty good western movie.
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