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August 8, 2017
This movie is still very effective.
½ August 5, 2017
Sure its effects are dated, and it's got a cheesy quality, but this movie is still a fun as hell. Sands is great as the evil Warlock trying to bring hell on earth. The fish out of water stuff with the two leads has some good moments, even if they adjusted to modern times far too easily.
½ October 5, 2016
Julian Sands rules playing the titular villain; he's charismatic and doesn't wink an eye
being a servant to the devil he's on a mission to bring about the end of creation for the world
before his execution he is transported to our modern world to collect the remaining pages of Hell's bible
luckily Redferne follows him from the 16th century and he teams up with a girl, Kassandra
not any real scares but Sand's performance alone makes the movie so much fun seeing him use his otherworldly powers
Grant and Singer play very well together both wanting to track down the warlock to each get something
it's a bit more low-budget than it appears, still, Sands is the best part
August 11, 2016
if you like cheesy 80s movies, this is one, it may have been released in 91 but it falls in the 80s horror movie cheese catagory perfectly.. One of the best bad movies of all time.
May 14, 2016
Enjoyable but a mixed bag of a fantasy/horror film. Julian Sands plays an evil warlock from the 1700s who is being hunted down by Richard E. Grant. Their chase leads them to travel through time into the present (or the 1980s version of the present). Lori Singer (real-life brother of The Beastmaster, Marc Singer) plays the love interest. The most pleasant surprise about this film was that it was written by David Twohy (as D.T. Twohy), who'd was hot off his first writing writing credit, "Critters 2" but before he would go on to write "The Fugitive" "Pitch Black" "Below" and the underrated "Terminal Velocity." Although this film has a rather cheap low budget feel to it (the special effects are pretty terrible even by 1980s standards), the script has some interesting ideas and some better than average warlock battles, which is something that more often than not are poorly done in films and usually amount to witches and warlocks pointing their fingers and shooting something out of them. Twohy also brings better developed of characters than you'd expect for this sort of film. Also of note for this film is that Richard E. Grant is great and this made me want to watch some of his old films again. The film also features a fine Jerry Goldsmith score, which greatly helps the film along. On the downside, I've never been much of a Julian Sands fan and I think that's why I'd never watched this film before. Also, the film as directed by Steve Miner who I don't think ever made a film of note in his 40 year career (okay, maybe I did enjoy "Lake Placid" about the giant alligator). So overall, it's entertaining enough, even if it's a mixed bag.
February 6, 2016
Tongue in cheek, would watch again.
January 27, 2016

Creepy Colonial era Warlock gets set free in modern day (1991) USA by using Satanic time warping powers, hot on his heels is a badass normal out for revenge.

A creepy and amusingly cheesy film with the refreshing/disappointing problem of not having a monstrous reveal as the poster might suggest.

Who knew that wicked witchcraft could be interesting and suspenseful when there isn't a million chained together jump-scares and found footage ? Oh me, that's who >.>
October 21, 2015
Not the most original movie, especially coming only a few years after very similar movies like The Terminator and Highlander. But what keeps the movie interesting despite an unoriginal plot is the strong acting by the main three characters. They all do a good job with the roles. The only minor complaint I have as it considers the acting though is Lori Singer later in the movie. The ditzy, California girl act was likable the first half, but it kind of wore off towards the end. It became a bit annoying when they were in the cemetery having to dig up pages of the book, only for her to be taking her precious time and freaking out for having to touch a dead body. A 300 year old, barely still a skeleton dead body. I can understand people being squeamish, but the fate of the entire universe lies in getting the damn pages ten feet away onto consecrated ground and she's diddling around because she doesn't want to touch a skeleton. Actually, the bigger problem would be her character taking an unnecessary turn halfway through. Early on in the movie she is cursed to age twenty years every day, but she breaks the curse about halfway through the movie. I understand the bigger threat was the fate of the universe, but doesn't our characters have some vulnerabilities make them more interesting? The curse should have been broken at the end of the movie when they stopped the warlock. It was just kind of odd and made the second half a bit less interesting because of that. Overall though, no real complaints about this one. It was fun and entertaining. Not a classic masterpiece, but enjoyable nonetheless.
September 30, 2014
Chhhhheeeeeessssssyyyyyy goodness not to mention sclocky and over the top but that's what makes it so good.
August 24, 2014
Castlevania fans, You all need watch this.
February 25, 2014
classic satan movie one of the better fun ones to watch, one of my faves out there julian sands, richard e grant, love watching those guys, and of course one of my favorite 80s actors lori singer, god i wish she made way more movies i love watching her, something about her i just love to death
December 13, 2013
For 1988 this is a badass cult classic! I still enjoy it today....Julian Sands is a boss!
November 3, 2013
Loved this movie and Julian was awesome.
November 1, 2013
It was better when I was younger.. but then again they usually are. Great 80's feel to it.
Super Reviewer
½ April 29, 2013
Probably the franchise Julian Sands is best known for...but that's probably not the best thing to shout about. I remember seeing this in the videoshop as a kid, top row, where young hands couldn't reach. It was considered a bit of a video nasty I think, to do with witchcraft, evil demons, the devil etc...not the stuff for young developing minds.

First time seeing this recently and it did kinda remind me of 'The Evil Dead' a little bit. Not totally of course but the plot revolves around the good guys getting their hands on the pages of a Grimoire which isn't too dissimilar from those early Raimi flicks.

The soundtrack is odd and doesn't really match the action, its kinda of quirky when it should be impending doom. A young Richard E. Grant plays the good guy but is miscast really, pretty bad Scottish accent there, at least I think its suppose to be Scottish.

The only good thing about this film is Sands lets be honest here. The guy is good looking in that blonde British aristocratic Sting kind of way, he's well spoken, he looks badass in his costume and his hair looks cool I can't deny it. He merely trapes around killing people in nasty ways and that's it, with the odd bit of fancy witchcraft dialog.

I liked this for being a typical crummy cheesy ass 80's horror flick. The effects look awful now, truly horrific, especially when the Warlock is flying around yikes!. I'm guessing back in the day they weren't too bad but I dunno because I never saw it back in the day. Other than that the film doesn't really hold up too well these days, it looked cheap for its time so now it looks even worse.

A case of the films visuals/special effects looking so bad its cool. Whilst the acting and general feel/atmosphere of the film is darn corny nowadays, its great fun to watch hehe. Not sure why its such a cult film though.
March 9, 2013
I can barely remember this.
March 3, 2013
Great 80's craziness with actually a pretty epic climax lol.
½ January 26, 2013
I sat down to 'Warlock' with no illusion that it was somehow going to be be the masterpiece of horror that passed me by years ago and I got pretty much what I expected. A standard 80's, somewhat tame, horror flick. It's more a fantasy film than horror, as there is no real horror element to it. The film is akin more to 'Highlander' than it is to 'Mark of the Devil' and even by the over zealous nature of censorship of horror movies in the 80's, it's extremely tepid.

The story, which has been covered on the site before, deals with transportation of a 17th Century Boston warlock (Julian Sands) to "modern day" America and the pursuit of him by the witch hunter Giles Redferne (Richard E. Grant) and 80's chick Kassandra (Lori Singer) as he attempts to stop the necromancer from discovering the locations of a Grand Grimoire, a satanic tome which will revel the true name of God and enable the warlock to undo all of creation...somehow.

The story is bunkum, of course, but in films of this type that is usually of a secondary or even tertiary concern. So, it suffices, for the purposes to putting the characters in the places they need to be. But that's it. The makeup and effects are generally sub-par, even for the period, the acting from Lori Singer is awful and the general setting of "modern day" America has been done a thousand times before and it presents nothing new here.

All that should mean that 'Warlock' is not a good film and it's not. it's not even a horror film...but...it's not a bad film either. It does an admirable job during its opening and manages to retain the viewers interest throughout its running time, which is commendable in itself. Julian Sands lends a certain gravity to his part and is very watchable. He plays his character completely straight faced and it's all the better for it. Grant, complete with dodgy Scottish accent, seems to think the whole thing is nonsense, but he's enjoying himself and it comes across. Out of the three leads, Singer is the worst by far. In fairness, her character is limited (although the rapid aging is a good angle), but she just isn't that good an actress and comes across as irritating.

Even so, the 90+ minutes of 'Warlock' passes by relatively harmlessly and there are enough good scenes to reward the viewing. Sands and Grant's funny "period talking" is entertaining and the film as a whole is not without its charm. Overall, it's worth a watch, but I don't believe I will be seeking out the sequels.
December 24, 2012
Richard E Grant, brilliant with his dodgy Scottish accent--Formulaic, but fun!!
December 16, 2012
Classic 1989 horror movie! Julian Sands played one sick Warlock(male witch)! By looking at Richard E. Grant role as the Warlock hunter, it showed how barbaric Europeans looked 300 years ago even in Boston in the 17th century!
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