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August 22, 2016
Bloody and full of philosophical brilliance, Li adds another stirring performance to his epical repertoire.
½ February 14, 2016
Watched it thinking it's a Historical War Epic, felt like it's a mixture of drama with little silent type romance thrown in with no consideration given on storytelling, flow and pace of the movie. It was like watching random scenes with little sense to them, might be the dubbing was lacking. There is very little action, the only sequence there is, is badly choreographed. Got no complains on the acting side, it seemed solid just the direction & editing was a let-down.
November 2, 2015
Epic for the way it depicts the 19th century China and the world's deadliest rebellion ever that few outside China know much out. The story has appeal although for those unfamiliar with the cultural values and norms, a lot may appear trivially sentimental. Spectacular production and great costumes.
½ April 25, 2015
so much money spent on this film. I was expecting more
March 22, 2015
Warlords isn't vastly different than any other Chinese war movie, but the personal relations of the characters and how that shapes the events is what makes this movie great.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
A historic movie about the Qing Dynasty and the war between lords etc. Jet Li plays one of the 3 blood brothers and all three joins the army to survive the hard life. This movie have quite much action with big nice battle scenes and a pretty good story along with it. Its not a martial art movie like Hero but the same spirit is there in a way and i can recommend this good flick actually.
½ November 30, 2014
What an epic movie! I quite enjoyed this deep action movie about 3 warriors who join forces to fight against the Taiping Rebellion. There vow to each other is questioned after certain situations draw the brothers apart, during a time were they don't know who is there friend or there enemy. The storyline was very well put together, but the ending seemed a bit random and unexplainable. The action scenes were epic and very detailed and the backdrop of the whole film was impressive. All of the actors put in a believable performance, especially Jet Li who had some emotional scenes. On the downside, the political side to the movie was a bit confusing but I quite enjoy this big budget spectacular. Enjoyable!

This is the second movie in my Jet Li series and I can definitely say that he is a versatile actor. Everyone is used to seeing Jet Li using his martial arts to take down his enemies, but this film is based around the war era, so it would have looked a bit odd if he was going around kicking people's butt. The chemistry between the 3 characters was brilliant and the seriousness on Jet Li's face throughout the movie made it intense, especially during the war scenes. I'm becoming a fan of Andy Lau, who starred in movies like the great Shaolin and House Of Flying Daggers and I also liked Takeshi Kaneshiro who plays the other guy in the brotherhood and also starred in House Of Flying Daggers. Anyway, I'm not one that usually likes reading subtitles whilst trying to watch a movie, but they really didn't spoil this well put together film.

Budget: $40million
Worldwide Gross: $130,000 (What A Flop!)

I recommend this movie to people who are into their Jet Li movies about 3 friends who make a pact to protect each other whilst fighting against the Taiping Rebellion. 7/10
August 31, 2014
Takeshi Kaneshiro. I love you.
½ July 16, 2014
Boring! Another mainland China movie with loads of people but terrible acting and story! Have no idea what they were doing!
July 2, 2014
Movie that chronicles that mid-nineteenth century in China, there is a bloody civil war that left fifty million dead
½ June 14, 2014
A well-made example of the genre, even if it doesn't extend it.
March 14, 2014
Great epic Chinese war movie staring Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro as three brothers living and dying as one!
½ February 6, 2014
Good action but often the story goes wayward making it hard to follow.
½ January 24, 2014
A lengthy, but decent period war drama.
½ January 18, 2014
Warlords [China, 2007] It's hard to see the difference of this one from other films of the same genre, but Takeshi Kaneshiro stole my heart. 5/10
December 29, 2013
Meme si certaines sequences de guerre sont particulierement reussies et que les trois acteurs principaux sont excellents, Andy Lau en tete, Les Seigneurs de la Guerre est un film bien trop long pour son bien et finit par ouvrir trop de parentheses pour rester aussi passionnant du debut a la fin. De plus, Peter Ho-Sun Chan n'est pas le meilleur realisateur quand il s'agit de filmer des discussions politiques.
½ November 30, 2013
Between the godawful camera work, the stiff acting, the terrible script, and the forgettable soundtrack, there lay a plot that was infuriatingly interesting. Not unlike a victim in a "Saw" movie I attempted to suffer through.

From the first five minutes, I had very bad feelings about this movie. Confirmed by a POV shot from the perspective of a bowl of soup being served (I'm serious), the film continued to spiral downward.

Skip this turd.
½ June 18, 2013
A great Jet Li film, a must watch for Jet Li fans from all over!
April 21, 2013
An emotional power house of a movie accompanied with great action delivered by seasoned actors.
April 15, 2013
jet li? count me in!
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