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½ August 12, 2015
New Zealand's contribution to the post-apocalyptic film genre has a loner biker waging war against a notorious group of heavies. This one takes place after the 'oil wars' with Michael Beck taking advantage of his brief headliner status in the lead. Average and not as memorable as the Italian films of the genre.
December 15, 2014
Watched under the title Battletruck and after the *other* part of the dystopian sci-fi double feature, which was a mistaken way to view them, because Deathsport had a helluva lot more going for ti than this plodding mess.

Rental. Maybe. At best.
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October 7, 2013
Mediocre production by Roger Corman, who has produced far better films, Warlords of the 21st Century, aka Battletruck looks like a bad rip off of the Mad Max films. This is a film that suffers from a boring plot, poor script, and questionable acting. Usually Corman's films are mindless fun, but with this one, I just couldn't get into it. I felt that it had an interesting concept, but it also relied way too much on the post apocalyptic films such as The Road Warrior. The result is a film that simply doesn't deliver on its ideas. I think that the film simply misses the mark and it should have been much better. Watch Death Race 2000 instead, at least that film was fun, but this, this is a mediocre low budget B movie that fails to really entertain. Unlike other Roger Corman productions, this one is quite forgettable in the long run. B movie fans will enjoy, others may not. Like I said, this isn't the strongest Corman Production. This should have been better. However the cast simply have no on-screen delivery and most of them are pretty bland in their roles. I also felt that the direction was not very good, and in the end, this is a film that wastes its potential of being a highly entertaining B movie, and I think that's a great shame because this film should have been great, like many other Roger Corman Cult hits. Battletruck is not worth watching, and if you're looking for an effective trash film that is fun, and entertaining, you won't find it here. This is mediocre and I didn't like it the way I thought I would. Watch Death Race 2000 and other Roger Corman productions, you'll be glad you did. If you watch this one, don't expect much, as you won't find anything really entertaining here.
½ May 24, 2013
A motorcycle riding loner helps defend a town of peaceful survivors from a violent group of bandits who roam in the destructive Battletruck. Easily one of the better post-nuclear war films made to cash in on the Road Warrior's success. Probably no coincidence that this one was not Italian made.
March 26, 2012
sub par mad max ripoff. The story was fairly generic and the vehicles and action were the same as mad max movie. Alright for a look.
May 11, 2011
This is a surprisingly un-cheezy (thought still entertaining) post-Apocalypic action film (aka Battletruck)--and NOT a Road Warrior rip-off! It's very similar to that classic, but shot at the same time in New Zealand, and supposedly conceived much earlier. Recommended!
September 23, 2010
Ok post apoc thriller.
September 17, 2010
This is your relatively OK low budget post apocalyptic action thriller Michael Beck is a solitary warrior that stands between a a peaceful village and a bunch of mercenaries who control a powerful mobile battle platform ( a big a$$ armored truc k) and their scavenging ways, nice vehicle stunk work.

PS: this movie is now available on DVD in a double feature with Roger Corman's DeathSport
August 7, 2010
I remember seeing the video artwork to Warriors of the Twenty-First Century (also released theatrically as Battletruck) on our local video store shelf and I always intended to rent it but sadly never did. Now finally, after all these years, I was finally able to view this seemingly forgotten post-apocalyptic film and it just saddens me I never got to see this as a kid as no doubt it would have been one that I watched a lot. Post-Apocalyptic setting with a giant armored semi... sounds like a young boys dream to me! Well... at least my dream.

The film opens with a simple yet extremely effective sequence with black smoke rising into the skies with a cackling, broken up radio broadcast playing stating how that radiation levels are still high and that a rogue group in an armored vehicle are terrorizing the roads, stealing all the fuel and goods they can. Apparently it's the future and after the "oil wars" the world's economy has collapsed and gas has become a scarce commodity (vaguely familiar of... what's that other popular post apoc film... oh yeah, THE ROAD WARRIOR!). The leader of this rogue group that drives the "Battletruck" is a mean mother fucker and his daughter has had enough of his evil ways so she escapes only to be rescued from his men by a loner "mad max" type of anti-hero named Hunter (Michael Beck, of The Warriors fame). Not wanting company he decides to drop her ass off at a local village where she becomes a member. Not long after her father and his bastard Battletruck move in and it's up to Hunter to rescue the girl and save the village.

There are many parallels that can be drawn up between this and The Road Warrior and it's easy to see why people consider this a "rip-off" of it (it is produced by Roger Corman, the master of rip-offs for Christ Sake!). This however isn't the case as they actually were both made at the exact same time. Director Harley Cokliss (cursed with one of the worst names in the field) actually goes so far to admit that George Miller, director of The Road Warrior, might have seen his script before starting on his film. Now that's food for thought! No matter what the case both films were made and released at the same time and Miller's film won out, becoming a worldwide success with Battletruck fizzling out into obscurity. That however doesn't mean Battletruck is a bad film and to be honest I was quite surprised on how good the movie was and there are many respectable elements within it.

I actually really enjoyed the plot which is very reminiscent of a western, just set in a post apocalyptic future. The characters are for the most part interesting and the villain is downright evil. This guy shoots and kills people for just looking at him wrong! Our hero "Hunter" is nowhere near as interesting or complex as, let's say, Mad Max but Michael Beck is adequate. The part that impresses me the most about this film is the production design. I can't believe how good the Battletruck looks with a film that really had no budget. Harley Cokliss really utilizes his budget well and makes the film look like it had double the budget it really had. Still though it's budgetary restrictions do show up now and again and sadly the action sequences do suffer a bit.

With a little higher budget Battletruck could have been grand but as is it is a good post apocalyptic B-movie. Again I was shocked by how good it was as I was expecting some bad trashy entertainment. I've seen so many of the Italian post-nuke flicks that are entertainingly trashy that I just expected this to be the same. Not so. I highly recommend Battletruck for fans looking for a good, lost post apocalyptic films. Even with story similarities to the Road Warrior, if one doesn't expect this to be as good as that film, then you think you will enjoy.
December 19, 2009
Pretty dumb, low-budget rip-off of "The Road Warrior". The only interesting thing about this one is that it stars Michael Beck of "The Warriors" fame and features John Ratzenberger of "Cheers" fame in a supporting role.
August 12, 2009
One of the greatest apocolyptic movies. I would put this up there with Mad Max but for me nothing tops THE ROAD WARRIOR. A great film if you can find it. I would love to have a copy of this on DVD along with alot other obscure films I love. Michael Beck is great in this one. Love this film!
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½ July 18, 2009
Been trying to find this on Flixster for ages, i had an old copy on vhs, which was called Battletruck. Not seen it in probaly 15 years but it was one of my favourite movies when i was in my early teens, like a really tacky, cheap version of Mad Max.
½ October 26, 2008
The Battletruck is probably the best thing in this Mad max rip off, of which I slept over all the best parts.
May 28, 2008
Rember THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981).

This New Zealand film was one of the better "Mad Max Ripoffs" that could be found all over the video stores (in Beta and VHS) back in the eighties. The movie is also known as BATTLETRUCK and was released in 1982. James Wainwright plays a fanatic right-wing survivalist leader who commands an armoured truck and a crew of well-armed cut-throats (no leather & punk hairdos here, all of Wainwright's men wear olive drab) and is opposed by the always wooden Michael Beck and his souped-up dirt bike.

Its not great but it looks better than many of its Italian-filmed competition and Wainwright would go on to play the same character in the Robin Williams comedy THE SURVIVORS (1983).
April 13, 2008
pretty cool post-nuke movie. i've seen better, but i've also seen worse
February 19, 2008
Ok, so there's no poster, and noone has posted a review. Was I the only 10 year old to lay eyes on this filthy drivel? Nope, cos my best mate J has seen it too... only back then it was called Battletruck. This is a sad Mad Max ripoff where some bad guys ride around in a BATTLETRUCK(tm) killing people to get oil. If oil is scarce, methinks a giant fucking truck is probably not the best form of transportation/weaponary. Anyway, they do indeed drive their BATTLETRUCK(tm) into camps and kill lots of people. What makes this particular beast a BATTLETRUCK(tm)? Mounted machine guns on the side, that's what, you sorry son of a bitch! So, we see throat slittings, hand meltings, the odd rape, and plenty of innocents being shot... and this was rented for me by my Dad when I was 10. Good stuff. Anyway, not all is lost... Michael Beck as HUNTER arrives on his fancy 80s looking cheese-bike and saves the day. The end. Worth 5 rounds in Billy Wright's chest out of 5 even just for an appearance from John "Cliffy" Ratzenberger as Rusty. He doesn't get capitalization. But he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. Now excuse me, I need to call my parents and blame them for all that is wrong with my life.
½ August 29, 2007
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