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Warriors From the Magic Mountain (Zu Mountain: New Legend of the Zu Mountain Swordsmen) (Xin shu shan jian ke) Reviews

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September 20, 2009
one of my fav HK movies. Mad story, very Chinese special effects but a great romp!
September 1, 2009
It's pure cheesy camp; I love it. Sure, it has a lot of annoying cliches: the weak hero who becomes stronger and saves the world by the end of the movie, the wimpy sidekick, the sacrificial woman, etc. but you can't deny the entertainment value of this film. From a war among different groups, the setting suddenly is shifted to another world and the story suddenly turns to saving the whole universe. Silly, but still fun to watch. Tsui Hark creates a whole different world of his own.
August 12, 2009
Tsui Hark's 5th feature. In one word, "terrible." Originally I heard so many bad things about this film, but as a fan of Tsui Hark, I watched it - but it's no good. Hark is, indeed, a very ambitious director and an experimentalist, but his attempt to picturize the world of Chinese fantasic wuxia novels is not successful here. The films is like a showcase of cheap SFXs which totally ruin the piece. Probably for the composition of CGs and actors, action is not shrap at all. It is waste of great action stars like Biao yuen and Sammo Hung. Well, what's worst of all is the story - it's too hard to follow not because of an intentional style but because of shipshod screenplay and editing. Only star is for young and super-beautiful Brigitte Lin.
July 4, 2009
nothing else but awsome
June 30, 2009
OMG! The imagery! The choreography! The mythical fantasy! The colours! THIS - is a true gem. TSUI HARK FTW!!! :D:D:DDDD
March 26, 2009
Is a CG fest, and it's seep in Chinese mythology, but I like it.
March 1, 2009
Forget the 2001 remake. A fantastical array of Chinese mythology and 'wire fu', this version inspired John Carpenter to make "Big Trouble in Little China". Another interesting fact is that Tsui Hark hired some of the same special effects experts from the original Star Wars trilogy.
March 1, 2009
Starts off well, but lets face it, it is quite dated and the story is quite nonsensical.
½ February 12, 2009
ahead of its time, but has hardly any replay value
January 1, 2009
To call this "fantasy" is underselling it a bit, as it has a proper mythical feel. It's full of action, imaginative set pieces and great character acting, all of which make the slightly wobbly production values easier to overlook.
½ July 27, 2008
Amazing movie, the special effects may be cheesy as all hell by today's standards, but in HK at the time they were top of the line. Ignore the cheesy effects and enjoy the film for what it is.
½ July 13, 2008
I much prefer martial arts fantasy films before computer technology got involved - the peak came in 1983 with Tsui Hark's special effects drenched visually intense Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain, a film which is both humourous and metaphysical. Essential viewing for anyone into this kind of thing.
July 4, 2008
Astounding. Saw this when I was eight and it blew my mind.
June 26, 2008
This awesome Chinese fantasy is a huge inspiration to me, both in it's timeless narrative and in the colourful and fantastic vision that Hong kong director hark has brought to the screen.
A hapless soldier is chased and hunted through the mysterious peaks of the zu Mountains in an ancient and magical medieval China, finally becoming a champion for good.

This tale is full of unbelievable wizards and devilish cults, and showcases some amazing martial arts stuntwork.

Yuen and Hung are a great team and extremely watchable and the story rips along at an incredible pace, though at times it does get a little overwhelming to a westerners eyes. But persevere and a whole world of legend and mystery unveils itself with noise and colour.

Magical stuff.
March 18, 2008
Putain d'énorme ce film
March 17, 2008
The film that inspired John Carpenter's, Big Trouble In Little China. One of the first Hong Kong films to use special effects which are laughably bad but were considered good back then in a film industry that relies less on CGI elements.
½ February 28, 2008
may look budget now, but definitely rates as one of the best preCGI fantasy films, up there with willow from western cinema.
½ February 1, 2008
This phantasmal movie seems to be intent on capturing the airy brush strokes of a wuxia comic book and in that it succeeds exceeding well. The plot is extremely thin, not well articulated and not interesting enough, unlike in some wuxia books I have read. With anti-heroes like Insomnia and Amnesia, the evil never seems overpowering and what is the evil's aim anyway when all heroes and heroines are regenerate-able? This was just a training ground for future flight and fight scenes it seems like. Definitely a cult-classic in its uniqueness.
Interestingly, you see Zhang Ziyi in an earlier era before she hit glam and fame. Her makeup consists of dirt. :)
January 27, 2008
Before Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers made these kind of fantasy martial arts movies art house Tsui Hark was banging out movies like this why the hell it states Matthias Kellich as director what's that all about? Obviously Flixster doesn't know its movies. Excellent pic awesome special effects, exciting fast paced, crazy storyline, villainous villains
January 17, 2008
I think the likes of Crouching Tiger etc, were inspired by this film :oD
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