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Jean Reno's efforts aren't enough to add dramatic ballast to Wasabi's bursts of kinetic -- yet frustratingly hollow -- action.



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Suspended from the force, Paris cop Hubert is summoned to Tokyo when his former lover Miko dies. Upon arriving, Hubert discovers he is to be the legal guardian for Miko's teen daughter Yumi. As Hubert begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding Miko's mysterious death, he grows closer to Yumi.

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Jean Reno
as Hubert Fiorentini
Ryoko Hirosue
as Yumi Yoshimido
Ludovic Berthillot
as Jean Baptiste #1
Yan Epstein
as Jean Baptiste #2
Yoshi Oida
as Takanawa
Hirata Haruhiko
as Ishibashi
Stefan Sao Nelet
as Young Banker
Osamu Tsuruya
as Customs Officer No.1
Akihiko Nishida
as Customs Officer No.2
Elodie Frenck
as Trinity Bank Secretary
Anthony Decadi
as Police Chief's Son
Dorothée Brière
as Flight Attendant
Yuki Sakai
as Miko Kobayashi
Yuji Yamashita
as Rebel No.1
Takashi Ishii
as Rebel No.2
Makiko Kishi
as Ishibashi's Secretary
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  • Jan 03, 2011
    jean reno and it had its moments
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2010
    Really like Reno as an action star, but this movie crumbles around him. This movie does have an English audio track, which does not load by default. Except for Reno who voices is own part all the other voice don’t quite match the characters. The piece meal quality of the English dub actually adds to the lackluster comedy in the movie. The movie joint venture between a French and Japanese production company.
    Bill C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 28, 2010
    Maurice 'Momo': How wonderful, Hubert. Let me look at you. You look good man, just arrived and already in deep shit. Douanier 2: You do have a reputation, Mr. Fiorentini. Why are you here in Tokyo? Working? Hubert Fiorentini: Vacation. But don't worry, I won't be long. Maurice 'Momo': That's right. With him nothing takes long. This film is typical French flair, bombast and light-heartedness.. and is not perhaps not for everyone. I would dare to venture that perhaps those who have enjoyed Mr. Besson's movies like the 5th Element, and TAXI (french version) will then appreciate the qualities of this film. People expecting a life-changing experience will be left disappointed - the main strength is entertainment. After their highly recommended cooperation with "Léon" French Director/writer Luc Besson and French actor Jean Reno collaborate again with "Wasabi",a action comedy with a highly Japanese influence.Of course it doesn't reach the level of "Léon" but it is a very enjoyable movie that never gets boring. The story is pretty straight forward but that's no problem since the humor and the action sequences make up for it.Jean Reno is superb as the unbalanced cop Hubert who goes to Tokyo to cremate his lost love Miko.Here he meets up for the first time in his life with his daughter Yumi,who is very spoiled.Inevitably there will be trouble and although there are no real surprises in the script it is very well handled. The acting overall is pretty good especially Reno is quite brilliant.The supporting cast with Ryoko Hirosue and Michel Muller is also doing a fine job,there's even a small part for Carole "For Your Eyes Only" Bouquet. The direction is done by Gerard Krawczyk who also made the "Taxi" sequels.The story is written by Luc Besson,the director of "Léon" and "The Fifth Element" and the writer of the "Taxi" series.His hand is very obvious in this movie,it all has the signature of Besson. A final plus is the soundtrack that is very appropriate,the highpoint being an instrumental version of "Voodoo People" by The Prodigy.The rest of the score is also highly modern and fast.A non-pretentious movie that doesn't bore for one second. Everyone knows about Luc Besson's empire in his country France. He has done work about anything you can get, which includes the direction of extremely beautiful movies, the production of very interesting mass films and the writing of the most original and inspirational comedies France ever brought to life. He wrote the comedy that inspired the amusing "Taxi", with the same name and the follow up of two sequels, also written by him. Not to mention some other successful films in the same genre; this group includes "Wasabi". What you can say about Besson is that he is more a writer than anything else; because it's probably what he does best (I mean, he wrote "The Transporter"). The best characteristic you can ask from a writer is one that Besson dominates easily, which is writing any genre with facility. So he mixes anything he wants the way he prefers. "Wasabi" is a wonderful mixture of intelligent comedy, subtle action, adventure and family drama. Maybe there aren't that much genre variations, but I figured out putting it like that because the film is so entertaining that it doesn't matter. You'll find out where Besson got the title from. All of Besson's scripts can't be directed by him, so when he produces a movie, he chooses the right people to take care of the material. Gérard Krawczyk was known by Besson before "Wasabi", so it was a good to leave things in his hands. He is no outrageous man with the camera, but it's not easy to handle action scenes combined with comedic moments. I mean, it was easier for the actors than for the directors: they made it happen. Jean Reno, always Besson's faithful collaborator, suits for every role. He has that face of bad-humored man, but always charming when is required. The movie goes to Japan, where everything happens. Reno's daughter character, a Japanese teen born between a relationship he had with a woman. "The only woman I've ever loved", he tells everyone when they say he needs love in his life. He tries to invite a woman that likes him, and cooks her dinner, but when he asks her if she can sleep at his house...He's dumb. The daughter is called Yumi, and is played by a very annoying Ryoko Hirouse, but the character is probably annoying... Annoying or not, the best character and performance of the movie comes from that stupid character ally that only exist in comedies, because it is not stupid in action movies. This is Momo, played by Michel Muller without going over the top and remaining excited and well...Stupid. Hubert (Jean Reno) is a French policeman with very sharp methods. After being forced to take 2 months off by his boss, who doesn't share his view on working methods, he goes back to Japan, where he used to work 19 years ago, to settle the probate of his girlfriend who left him shortly after marriage without a trace. There he mets his former colleague Momo (Michel Muller) and his daughter Yumi (Ryoko Hirosue) who he did not know was ever born. Hubert eventually finds out why his girlfriend left him and the reason becomes his and his new daughters problem.
    Sergio E Super Reviewer
  • Oct 14, 2009
    Jean Reno and Ryoko Hirosue are a Pair made for this movie. I'm becoming more and more an Jean Reno Fan with each movie I see him in. A great actor and plays the roll of a crooked cop to the T. This one is exciting and has a number of funny parts and the sound track would be enjoyable. Action throughout the film. Need to see Reno play more of these type parts and need a sequel to this one. 5 Stars
    Bruce B Super Reviewer

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