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Watch on the Rhine Quotes

  • Fanny Farrelly: Well. We've been shaken out of the magnolias.

  • Sara Muller: I would have married you any day of my life!

  • Anise: Pssst. Ask Herr Müller to come up here.
    Fanny Farrelly: Why?
    Anise: Why? Why? Because he is a man in love with his wife and because his wife looks most beautiful. You are getting so old - you're no longer understand the matters of delicacy between a man and a woman!

  • Joshua Miller: The door on the home was not locked. We just - came in!
    Kurt Muller: You find it curious to believe that there are people who live and do not need to watch, eh Joshua?
    Joshua Miller: It is strange. But it must be good, I think.

  • Phili Von Ramme: How many of them come here? Our Herr Hitler violates their morality in the morning, but by evening they've recovered, and they're here to dinner at the Embassy. So it's done in most places for over seven years. I might almost suspect their morality.

  • Kurt Muller: I fight against Fascism; that is my trade.

  • Fanny Farrelly: Jenny's daughter is still going with that actor. Hmm, passions in sin change; in my day it was Englishmen.

  • Bodo Muller: You do not know that people from the utmost different parts of the world have found refuge in the United States of America?

  • Kurt Muller: So the moment has come. This time it is of the utmost importance. Please do not talk - please do not seem nervous.

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