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February 28, 2011
This is totally campy and funny! It is supposed to be a spoof on Blue Crush and the whole beach-movie genre, but it ends up being more cheesy than satirical. Our protagonists are Val, Sam and Maureen: three 40-year-old women who reunite for a weekend at a beautiful Malibu beach. Val has just divorced her philandering husband, Maureen is a straight woman (attorney) with nothing particularly special about her, and Sam is a lothario lesbian who has a very active sex life and is in great shape since she loves fitness.
Throughout the film the women meet Val's ex and his new lover; they treat the pool-boy like a sex machine. Oh the dialogue about the state of the lesbian community was hilarious, loved it! There is no real surfing, just fake sharks and beach shots giving the illusion that the women are surfing LOL..My favorite character was Val and least favorite was Maureen. I applaud the director, cast and crew for the teamwork in the creation of this movie which is no Oscar material but despite being campy and a satire it is enjoyable on a rainy day. Recommended!
July 5, 2007
really not interested
March 23, 2007
Slightly weird movie about a couple of lesbians on holiday to the beach.
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