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Wayne's World 2 Quotes

  • Del Preston: Now. It take two people to run a stage. One out front, and one backstage. Now Garth will be out her in the front with his team, and Wayne will be backstage with his team. To the left and right will be the machine gun nests. Now these babies tend to heat up, so shoot in three second bursts. In the event of capture, I will personally be issuing cyanide pills to be placed under the tongue, as so. [places a cyanide capsule under his tongue] Any questions?
    Garth Algar: Uh, yeah, I have a question. When did you turn into a nut bar?

  • Wayne Campbell: Come on Garth. Well, I guess Jim was wrong.
    Del Preston: Hang about! Do you mean Jim.... Morrison?
    Wayne Campbell: Yes!
    Del Preston: Was there a weird naked indian with him?
    Wayne Campbell: Yes!!!
    Del Preston: Didn't you think it was a little bit unnecessary to see the crack in the indian's bottom?
    Wayne Campbell: YES!!!! Yes, I totally did!!
    Del Preston: I had the same dream.

  • Bjergen Kjergen: Handsome Dan vill see you in a moment.
    Wayne Campbell: Wow! I love your accent! Where are you from?
    Bjergen Kjergen: [pronouncing the J's as Y's] I am Bjerken Kjergen from the Fjergen Fjords. I am from Sveden.
    Wayne Campbell: [pronouncing the J's as J's] Well, Bjergen Kjergen from the Fjergen Fjords; Hm, that's in the Kalergen province isn't it?
    Bjergen Kjergen: Ja!
    Wayne Campbell: Now correct me if I'm wrong, but your monthly rainfall is about two inches a month, and your annual rainfall is about 22 inches. I did a project on Sweden in the eighth grade. Then, in gym class that day I was on the mini tramp and I got diarrhea.
    Bjergen Kjergen: [she gives him a blank look]
    Wayne Campbell: I really wish I hadn't told you that!
    Bjergen Kjergen: I am sorry to hear of your illness, but since you sacrificed your health for knowledge of my home country, I find you very attractive and hope to make love to you in the near future.
    Wayne Campbell: Shmergen!

  • Honey Hornee: Garth, I'm going to be frank.
    Garth Algar: Ok. Can I still be Garth?

  • Cassandra: You DID spy on me!!
    Wayne Campbell: Yes! I did!
    Cassandra: [punches him]
    Wayne Campbell: I think she took that well.

  • Garth Algar: I am no longer a stranger to the ways of the woman.
    Wayne Campbell: Excellent, my friend! On that note, Game On!
    Garth Algar: Game On!

  • Garth Algar: Do you have any Megadeth?

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