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July 24, 2013
I think it definitely was a labor of love for Steiger. I loved the book.
I didn't like Steiger's accent which was cartoony.impersonation of Fields
Fields never delivered his lines in such a loud extended drawl. He was softer and often delivered his lines in Popeye-like mumbles.. It feels particularly awkward here when he is doing Fields in real world moments like a circus showman. To Steiger's credit I suppose this is what most people think W.C. Fields sounded like. I wish it made more use of the many colorful stories from the book.Fields told to bamboozle and entertain. It very much plays up his relationship with Barrymore and his drinking buddies which is pretty good and an act of betrayal towards Miss Monti. What he did is probably not what you are thinking. Its a sincere and entertaining enough to get you through if you have an interest in Fields. You will know a little more of the man. But its a little Hollywoodized and doesn't paint as colorful a picture as the book which is a breezy read.
May 20, 2013
Despite an odd use of intermittent narration from Perrine that sometimes feels like an info dump, Hiller's semi biopic about the iconic comedian and his mistress is still a fine comic-drama, thanks to Steiger's commanding screen presence and immersion in the title role, some great and funny dialogue, especially Fields' remarks about other actors and officials, an an interesting look into the chaotic and sometimes two-faced nature of the early film business.
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