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We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen Reviews

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½ September 30, 2013
Touching and insightful but ultimately not rock's most remarkable story.
September 20, 2012
The minutemen changed my life,I grew up in socal,it's so inspiring to have some normal suburban kids make history and change music forever! R.I.
P D.Boon
½ September 18, 2012
The Minutemen weren't favorites of mine, but this little documentary made me want to re-listen to their stuff. I liked the interviews with members of other bands like Ian Mackaye, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, etc.
August 2, 2012
A beautiful tale of youth and how a group of individuals together can create such an immense effect in the world, and how one person missing from a trio can cause such a huge dent in a bands soul.
July 8, 2012
Great documentary about a band more people should listen to.
January 8, 2012
I'm so glad I had a chance to see the Minutemen open for REM in Richmond in 1985. D Boon passed away just over two weeks later. I found this film inspiring. These guys played music the way they wanted to. Period.
Super Reviewer
November 25, 2011
Really good documentary, even if you are not into their music. A lot of great interviews with interesting people.
½ August 21, 2011
I think I'd make a pretty good D. Boon for a halloween Minuteman tribute band. As soon as find someone who can grow a haircut like George Hurley, I'll get to work.
June 16, 2011
"This band could be my life..."
May 13, 2011
Watching this Doc AGAIN! REAL music by real people.
½ April 12, 2011
i can see how matt (musician) likes it, but for me it kinda just went over my head and i lost interest in the middle as it seemed they were all just repeating themselves???
March 19, 2011
I never knew of The Minutemen sound before the viewing, now I can't forget it. The film delivers their essence.
Super Reviewer
March 13, 2011
Sometimes sad, but always entertaining look at one of the founding fathers of alternative rock/ punk music. My favorite parts are watching the muscular, body-builder-like George Hurley wail on the drums with this unicorn hair-do.
November 30, 2010
If you needed proof that the Minutemen were intellectually and artistically ahead of their contemporaries it's right here.
November 1, 2010
Saw this along with the sloppy American Hardcore and thought it was a lot more watchable and entertaining. Maybe it also helps that the Minutemen are among my favorite bands of all time, but I really do think they did a great, heartfelt job at telling a surprisingly sweet, and ultimately tragic, punk rock story. Quite a generous offering of concert footage, too!
June 28, 2010
This doc covers everything you would need or want to know about a great and underrated band, the Minutemen. Lots of rare live videos, interviews with other awesome musicians and nostalgic footage from the 80's.
February 4, 2010
I might like to see it since its a band I like.
½ January 13, 2010
Pretty interesting if you like this kind of music although some of the commentators are full of themselves..
½ October 13, 2009
This rules. Informative and awesome. And Ian MacKaye isn't even really grumpy in it. Seriously though, what was up with George Hurley's hair? RIP D. Boon.
August 19, 2009
Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Minutemen were the true punk rock greats. They started as a basic three-chord punk trio, and soon became one of the most clever and influential punk bands ever. I have always been more partial to the L.A. punk scene, including X, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and The Plugz among others, but the minutemen avoided all Punk cliches and invented their own style of aggressive and politically-fueled rock. With D. Boon's frenetic guitar picking, Mike Watt's funky bass rhythms, and George Hurley's entirely unorthodox drum technique, Minutemen forged an undying legacy within the history of popular music. And this documentary is one of the best things I've ever watched, the rise and untimely fall of one of rock's greatest bands ever.
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