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September 4, 2014
Interesting story that kept me entertained throughout.
½ April 24, 2014
Boy is this bunk. I'm so disappointed that Ebert & Roeper gave it 2 thumbs up. I guess it was a slow movie month, plus they must be suckers for anything atypical. This is atypical and it's pure shit except for music and cinematography.

SUCH a wannabe-quirky-but-just-plain-fucked movie. Tons of times I had a better idea to improve the cool factor of the movie, but it's as if they just wanted to get through the shooting and rush it out. FAILURE. It's weird without being endearing. Who wrote this awful, awful screenplay?? "Donald Kaufman" from Adaptation? The movie making is fine but the script is sooo bad it actually brings it down almost to a joke level like worst-movie-ever. No one talks like this and these situations are unrelatable and depressing.

When they make parodies of blowhard hollywood and/or film-festival films, it's hard to believe this isn't one of those.
½ April 21, 2014
A story about a boring man who makes a lot of money, but has tough choices. I was waiting for the movie to get good and it never did.
April 16, 2014
What an asshole. He's got an asshole face. What an asshole.
January 30, 2014
Dull, lifeless and unfunny; this movie sucks. It's so monotone and devoid of emotion. Whoever said this was a comedy clearly needs their head checked; this film is as depressing as a black hole. Even a black hole has more charm than this film. The Weather Man is about an unsuccessful weather man, Dave Spritz (Nicholas Cage) whose professional and personal life are going down the drain; him and his ex wife are going through a divorce, he's not close to his kids and his dad (Michael Cain) has cancer. The film is just basically about Dave's depressing life, yawn! There's not really much plot development or anything interesting going on. The only thing that carries this film is Michael Cain, as Dave's wise father. Michael Cain was the only good thing about this film. Nicholas Cage is decent and well meaning in this (and not to mention hot), but there are no knock out performances. Nicholas Hoult who plays Dave's troubled son Mike is just awful, Nick Hoult funny enough was at his best in About A Boy. He was just dull and expressionless in this. I just found this film too bland and depressing and lacking substance, charm and personality.

Grade: D-
½ January 8, 2014
It was certainly an odd movie. While The Weather Man gives off a few awkward vibes with the writing and acting, it also gives off vibes that are extremely recognizable and can be easily connected to a particular individual. It also gives the viewer a well informed perspective on somebody they don't know very well. How often do you get a glimpse into the life of a weather man? It lets us know that everybody deals with a lot of the same problems and decisions. It also gives a a more realistic look on the average American family. There are very few movies I truly believe that a particular person should NOT watch, but this is not one of them. Please give it a run!
½ January 6, 2014
Camel toe on an 11 year old. Do you need another reason why this movie was fucking terrible?
Super Reviewer
January 5, 2014
I can't quite diagnose what makes this movie tick... It's got problems, but it kinda works, much like Hans Zimmer's annoying yet irresistible tick-tocking score and Nicolas Cage's obnoxious, yet irresistible doofy-faced appeal, which I guess is why he still gets work. Steve Conrad's non-linear script is expertly paced with emotionally-based plot points. He captures daily tragedies and triumphs with an insightful, darkly comedic eye. Michael Caine is the best I've ever seen him - staid and grave with much pomp and circumstance.
December 31, 2013
Nic cage stars in this very well narrated film about a weatherman struggling with raising his kids after his divorce. The film is quite gloomy but somehow Cage manages to shine through and gives one of his best performance.
½ December 22, 2013
One of the hand full of Cage movies I actually like.
½ December 1, 2013
Hauntingly dry and bleak, the stone-faced Nicolas Cage slaps a man with a glove, gets hit by a McDonalds apple pie, and forgets the tartar sauce. Accidentally a masterpiece.
November 25, 2013
I watched this movie for the first time and was blown away by it. From a plot and motive perspective, may seem boorish, however, this movie spoke to me on multiple levels due to my personal life drama. I could relate whole heartily to the main character. For me a great movie is one that leaves me thinking about it for days. This one certainly did.
½ October 25, 2013
If you don't laugh im glad i'm not you.
October 5, 2013
A surprising contribution from Verbinski, it's a well-acted, darkly quirky character piece that ventures into adult problems while taking the unusually realistic approach of positing no solutions. Underrated.
½ September 20, 2013
Even the child actors give fine performances in The Weather Man.
½ September 7, 2013
The Weather Man is very surprisingly funny and heartwarming, with an interesting/strange story, and a great performance by Nicolas Cage.
August 19, 2013
What's happened to Cage these days? He was very popular for awhile and has just disappeared in show business.
½ August 18, 2013
What the fuck is this shit?
½ June 28, 2013
Nicolas Cage is actually good in this, but the film itself is horrible.
½ June 15, 2013
A warm, concise and entertaining take on what it means to live in today's world.
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