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February 29, 2016
Not necessarily a bad movie per se, it's just one that focuses too much on the romance aspect, which is understandable, since that is what the film is about. The film relies on a lot of the stereotypes of Asian families, that they're controlling and want to tell their children who and when to marry, but the best bits in the entire movie are when Jason's family are trying to tell him what to do and who to marry and how they react to Na-young's diminutive stature. It's clearly over-the-top and unrealistic, but they do provide some fairly amusing moments. The problem with the romantic parts of the film is that they're really cheesy. I know this is a fictional work of art, but there's nothing that no one can relate to about anything in this movie. Seriously. Well maybe they can relate to parts of it, but the film pretty much takes it to a whole other level in terms of unbelievable situations. And I get that that's what some people want, the whole whirlwind romance, but I'm more into movies where the romance is, at least, somewhat believable. You don't ever sense that between Jason and Na-young. Not to mention that the chemistry is lacking. They're not bad or anything, but there's just something missing. Not to mention that the characters are fairly dull and vanilla. Perhaps that's a large part of it, the characters don't feel fully formed. They're one-dimensional. Likable, but one-dimensional. Kang Hye Jung is adorable, but there's some scenes where her acting just leaves a lot to be desired. There's one scene, when Jason goes after his ex, where Na-Young gives Jason a piece of his mind in a monologue and it's not particularly good. I mean it's obvious that english isn't her native tongue, but they should've known enough not to give her long monologues like that. She's perfectly fine in scenes with shorter dialogue. The climax is pretty much every rom-com climax you've ever seen, where Na-Young is on the plane to go back to Korea and Jason does everything within his power to get there before her plane leaves. You've seen it before and you will, probably, see it again. It's no better or worse here. It is what it is. Cast is solid, though, again, I wish Jason's family would've been a bigger part of the proceedings as it led to some of the more entertaining moments in the film. It wasn't great or anything, but at least it was something. Na-young's and Jason's romance just did nothing for me. And since that takes up a large chunk of the film, then it pretty much drags the movie down with it. Slightly below average film. I liked the film's tone, but its obvious flaws keep it from reaching a higher level of quality, so I can't exactly recommend it.
½ April 27, 2014
The cross-cultural rom com about a Korean American's search for true love is marred by serious overacting, broad characterization, flat comedic skits. It tries too hard, like a comic who's the one laughing hardest at his jokes.
½ March 16, 2014
This movie is absolutely hilarious! Romance, comedy, etc... Perfect for a date night with you main squeeze. Have a bottle of wine and laugh your butts off. Wish I had seen it in the movie theatre :-)
September 29, 2013
Not enough Margaret Cho or Bobby Lee or animation (which is fun) make this film worth it!!
September 28, 2013
I saw this film tonight @empire-- funny. Me and my friends laughed so much. Really funny film. The romance was good. It was so good, just them looking at each other. I want to take my sister to this film. Really good film.
September 25, 2013
I saw this film at the LAAPFF at the DGA theater. Keep in mind that theater holds 600 and it was jammed packed and everybody was laughing! It was one of the best romcom's I've seen. I loved it. And don't forget I'm not even Korean, I'm Mexican. Don't miss out on this treat!
September 25, 2013
I first saw this film at a movie program I attended for the summer. I can't stop laughing when I watch the movie. Wedding Palace relates to everyone and still keeps its uniqueness. It's interesting to see a predominately Asian cast on the big screen in a comedy. I like how this film doesn't promote the stereotypes we typically see in Hollywood films. Hopefully this film opens up the market for Asian actors; I think we need more diversity in comedy.
September 8, 2013
I watched this movie last year because the director came to our college to ask for support from the Asian community on campus. I was excited to see that there was an Asian-American female director who was up and coming. I watched the movie expecting a great movie that would give a new side of Asian-American/Asian culture. But this movie only re-iterated the stereotypes that Asian-American activists have fought to fight for years and exaggerated things that really don't happen in Asian-American society. I couldn't believe that she made the female lead "too small" of all things to become an obstacle. More than anything, meeting the director Christine Yoo was the biggest distaste of all. She was terse, rude, had an air of superiority and clearly had no concern whatsoever for the message she was giving her audience through her movie. Please go back to college at some point, and take a course on the Asian American Experience.
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