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In this light, standard comedy about four sailors (D.W. Brown, Peter Ellenstein, Patrick Houser and Chip McAllister) out for a fun weekend in Los Angeles, the men have several misadventures in Watts, at Venice Beach, and at a strip bar before they start to meet a few women who actually find them interesting. The former gang member (McAllister) meets an jazzercise instructor, the class clown (Brown) meets his distaff parallel, the nerd (Ellenstein) meets a thinking young woman, and the sports hero (Houser) meets his counterpart. The fun and interest lie in the telling, and so most of the time is spent on the way to the final pairing off.


D.W. Brown
as Paul Fricker
Peter Ellenstein
as Lester Gidler
Patrick Hauser
as Webster Adams
Patrick Houser
as Webster Adams
Chip McAllister
as Bunker Hill
Pamela G. Kay
as Tina Wells
Hilary Shepard
as Cindy Hazard
Graem McGavin
as Tawny Ryatt
Daureen Collodel
as Heidi Henderson
Sara Costa
as Tuesday Del Mundo
Cheryl Song
as Chop Suzi
Phil Hartman
as Joe Chicago
Henry Sanders
as Officer Henry
Tony DeLia
as Tony Twan
John Graves
as Chainsaw Comedian
Mona Charles
as Roberta
Joan Dykman
as Pickles
Kirk Calloway
as Squeenie
Henry G. Sanders
as Officer Henry
Anthony Penya
as Officer Anthony
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It's the sort of cinematic failure where the awfulness just makes you feel sorry for everyone involved.

Full Review… | November 25, 2006

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Sailors on leave, lots of T & A and a minor amount of tension as the locals hassle them, you know exactly where this is going form the very beginning. I enjoyed it well enough, but I wasn't expecting much at all and was actually doing other things while it was on, so it made for enjoyable background noise. Rental?

Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant

Crown International sure released some real comedy turds throughout the 80s with "Weekend Pass" floating to the near the top. "Weekend Pass" really could be a synonym entry for "boring" and could qualify for cinematic Chinese water torture. Yes... it's that fucking bad. The plot (what plot?) has four teenagers fresh out of Navy basic training hitting the town of L.A. on their weekend pass and through trial and tribulation to get laid, they end up finding love. Really... that's about fucking it. As you can tell from my very brief description paragraph that there is no damn plot to this movie. Get ready for a lot of montages of various signs and locations in L.A. flying by with shit, filler dialogue about our four guys jibber jabbering about pointless topics such as neon signs. Yea... sounds like a wonderful time. Our guys hit a strip club for the first 15 minutes of the film and only director Lawrence Bassoff could make a strip club scene with some nice racks seem so trite. Later they visit the beeeeaaach... sorry... I was dozing off... and end up joining a fitness class in order for one of our blockheads to ask the instructor out. Out of the other three one wants to hits a stand-up comedian club (run by a young Phil Hartman no less!) to test out his comedy skills, one has a blind date with his colonel's daughter and the other wants to hook with an old girlfriend to get a quick lay. Get ready to down some Mountain Dews as you're going to need to be high on caffeine to make it through this cinematic equivalent to watching grass grow. Out cast is made up of no-body's that can't act and the dialogue sounds like their talking with a mouthful of marbles. The bad acting, shit dialogue, dragging "plot", and unenthusiastic directing makes this a very, very trying movie experience. To top it off we get a couple of god awful 80s pop tunes that continuously play throughout the film with the title song making me wish for Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling you quall my eardrums from bleeding. The Crown International symbol before a comedy picture should be a warning to anyone looking for an actual fun time. Like "Weekend Pass", you enter at your own risk as your boarding a sinking ship. For me Crown International's weekend pass has expired permanently. Speaking of Crown International, a background character in the film is even wearing a damn T-Shirt with their symbol. Nothing like advertising that their proud of the shit that their film factory crapped out at an incredible rate during the 80s.

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

This movie is totally unoriginal and unfunny. There are a lot of jokes in this comedy, of course, but none of them are funny. Plus the story is dull and predictable. None of the cast can act, either. I did not like this movie.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer

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