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Welcome to the Dollhouse Quotes

  • Steve Rodgers: Hey, Dawn, what's up?
    Dawn Wiener: I have to talk to you.
    Steve Rodgers: What about?
    Dawn Wiener: I was wondering if… Well, I've been thinking seriously of building... another clubhouse, and I wanted to know... Would you be interested in being my first honorary member?
    Steve Rodgers: What-What are you talking about?
    Dawn Wiener: The Special People Club.
    Steve Rodgers: "Special People"?
    Dawn Wiener: What's the matter?
    Steve Rodgers: Do you know what"special people" means?
    Dawn Wiener: What?
    Steve Rodgers: "Special people" equals retarded. Your club is for retards.

  • Dawn Wiener: I was fighting back.
    Mrs. Wiener: Who told you to fight back?

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