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November 6, 2009
Whilst not the best season (leave that to the emotionally charged Season 4), this was the start of one of the most thought-provoking and engaging dramas ever on TV, thanks largely to Aaron Sorkin's intelligent writing & a strong ensemble cast.
July 4, 2009
one of the most ambitious and intelligent shows to come out. this is a drama that mixes political intelligence and humour, i found this to be one of the freshest shows in years. all the cast come together and create a powerful drama that is one of the best series ever made
August 1, 2007
Sorry I've been AWOL lately. Ive been rather busy. My bit of free time has been spent watching sports and the two seasons of this delightful show that I never caught during its prime time run.

I love this show and now want MORE!!. I am going to find the other seasons cheap or on Netflix soon.

I loved Aaron Sorkin's work on Sports Night which was a highly underrated show and left us FAR too early. The balance between drama and comedy is well done. I even liked Rob Lowe in this. I think my favorite characters are Josh and Donna and their wordy byplay between the two of them.

I think it was mentioned on the extras somewhere the folllowing comment with which I totally concur:

you can like this show whether or not your agree with the political bent. It had to take one "side" (party) or the other to have any kind of credibilty . The characters needed to have passion for the issues they were working on to portray any sense of frustration, struggle and triumph, but it is not overly heavy handed

For those who , like myself, had never seen this , I highly recommended. For those who have... does the quality continue beyond Season 2?

I bought the new 10 movie noir set so you will likely be seeing some write ups from those movies soon

(Decoy, Big Steal, Where Danger Lives, They Live by Night, Crime Wave ,etc)

I have been waiting for this set for a long time
February 24, 2006
In 1999, Aaron Sorkin intrigued America with a drama of the every day trials that the staff of the White House face. It is with Sorkin's brilliance of dialogue and relevance to foreign and domestic issues that made the West Wing the year's best drama for television. The superb cast enabled the audience to be captivated by what is usually seen as merely procedures of law and politics as insightful and interesting issues of the typical American daily life. Each cast member developed their own character to a degree in which the audience could relate to every aspect of that character. Truly magnificent drama that not only showed America that a show of politics can be entertaining but also provided education to the public over foreign and domestic affairs.
September 29, 2004
Aaron Sorkin are the master of this universe. He's the He-man of office-place dramas. With a cast so solid it could easy fall for the real White House administration, one could only sit and try grasp the huge universe Mr. Sorkin are presenting us.

As this is the first season, like all 1st seasons, we get to know the people in the series bit by bit...all series suffer from it in some way. It takes time to get the crew working onthis to be comfy with what they're doing. But Sorkin...I would vote you for president, and time! ;)
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