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Critic Consensus: A modest, nicely acted road movie.

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A naïve woman is lured into the world's oldest profession in this independent drama. Alice (Emily Grace) is a woman in her early twenties who still isn't sure what she wants to do with her life; unhappy at home with her mother and dissatisfied with her job, one day Alice decides to drop everything and move to Florida, where a close friend is studying marine biology. En route, Alice's car breaks down, and she's picked up by a friendly middle-aged couple in a large and comfortable RV, Sandra (Judith Ivey) and Bill (Bill Raymond). Alice takes an immediate liking to Sandra, who seems like the sort of mother she always wished she had: warm, funny, and nurturing. After a few days of traveling with Sandra and Bill, Alice discovers to her surprise that Sandra makes her living as a prostitute, while Sandra suggests to Alice that there are a lot worse ways to pay the bills. Sandra and Bill offer to set Alice up in the business and act as her "agents" in exchange for 25 percent of her earnings, and soon Alice is "entertaining" truck drivers for 200 dollars an hour. Alice not only gives her new benefactors a quarter of her earnings, but trusts them with holding on to her savings, a decision Alice lives to regret.
R (adult situations/language, nudity, sex)
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Emily Grace
as Alice
Judith Ivey
as Sandra
Tim Hayes
as Danny
John Knox
as Trooper
David Rose
as Rough Trucker
Clint Jordan
as Lot Trucker
Michael C. Maronna
as Alice's boyfriend
Laura Poe
as Julie's Mom
Lisa Balkun
as Young Alice
Brian De Benedictis
as John at the Bar
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Lot Trucker
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Critic Reviews for What Alice Found

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It plays like a walk on the wild side dreamed up in a Starbucks.

May 20, 2004
Fort Worth Star-Telegram/DFW.com
Top Critic

An almost constantly surprising coming-of-age film with a dark twist that manages to take the high road with what is well-exploited material.

Full Review… | May 20, 2004
Dallas Morning News
Top Critic

A solid character piece that deftly probes the complicity of both sides in a morally dubious relationship.

Full Review… | December 23, 2003
Top Critic

Ivey is fascinating, cooing nonstop in a cozy Southern accent, friendly and accepting, but also observant and oddly unknowable. It's a performance that even gets better on second viewing.

Full Review… | December 19, 2003
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic

Sweet, suspenseful, funny, poignant -- and adult.

Full Review… | December 19, 2003
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

Bell forces us to see characters from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in a distinctly human light, neither ennobling nor pitying.

Full Review… | December 18, 2003
L.A. Weekly
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for What Alice Found

Everybody has to pay the bills, baby Alice is a high school graduate that grew up in a single parent household with limited resources and a lack of direction. She sees all her friends leave her small town and head to college including her best friend who is attending Miami University. She decides to pick up and leave one day but she runs out of money and her car breaks down. A nice old couple picks her up in an RV and decides to help her on her way; however, the old couple may have additional intentions for her beyond being good samaritans. "He's got a wife and kids." "They all do." Dean Bell, director of Backfire!, delivers What Alice Found. The storyline for this picture is outstanding and well delivered. The concept was unique and a pleasant addition to the drama genre. This picture definitely has an "Indie film" feel, but the end and storyline is unpredictable and creative. The acting is solid despite containing a cast with limited experience. The cast includes Emily Grace, Judith Ivey, Bill Raymond, and John Knox. "I got a ride with some people." "What people?" "Some old farts." I came across this film on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) while flicking through the channels and decided to DVR it. I was pleasantly surprised by the originality of this picture as well as the ultimate conclusion and the delivery of the characters. This is definitely a solid movie that is worth your time. "God put women here to please men." Grade: B+

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

Ultra low-budget yet effective road movie as Alice, an awkward "New Hampshah" teenager, travels to Florida with a seemingly normal Southern couple near their fifties. Except she comes to discover this 'normal' couple actually moonlights as mom & pop truck-stop hookers. Alice is running from her own troubles, and running low on money... Often low-key and matter-of-fact with a distinctly unglamorous depiction of sex and an astute understanding of youthful minds. There were contrivances at a couple key turning points but nothing near a deal-breaker. I really liked how they alluded to the title's origin during a phonecall near the end, and the scene that summed up Alice's experiences after a week with this couple when she went to buy cigarettes and handed her I.D. to the cashier: {Peering quizzically} "Is this supposed to be you?" "Of course it's me." {Shrugs, handing her I.D. back} "If you say so."

Doctor Strangeblog
Doctor Strangeblog

Super Reviewer


What a nice surprise! I had my doubts that a low budget film about a lot lizard would be good, but I found this is an interesting movie. Good acting, and a good setting, made all the more real by the low budget filming. It is not slick, or insulting. Just a very nice character study. Very decent little Indie flick.

Cynthia S.
Cynthia S.

Super Reviewer

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