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½ December 20, 2011
Not bad... for a christmas movie
December 12, 2010
Watched it on the hallmark channel!!
February 25, 2010
Ive watched this over and over..its a real feel good movie..James (Jeremy London) certainly goes through a lot to proove is love for his sweetheart.Sadie Ryder....The acting was superb and the movie was well written..A true romantic will certainly love this movie.. Might be worth noting its R1..so if your an aussie, u need a player that will take it..or do what i do..Use your computer..
Either way,,this move is bound to make the day right for you..
½ December 27, 2008
This Hallmark Channel feel-good, Christmas romance movie is meant to melt the heart. Despite a few plot problems and predictable outcomes, it makes a nice love story to watch on a cold winter's night.
March 7, 2008
Sweet, really funny love story !
December 7, 2007
This is a good movie
December 2, 2007
caught it on the Hallmark channel as part of the Christmas programing and found it to be a predictable but very sweet film.

"I'm listening to a dog." ~James
November 29, 2007
absolutely love this movie and pretty much every movie i have seen on hallmark channel.
November 27, 2007
I thought this movie was good. It was a family movie. I liked it alot. Check it out on the Hallmark Channel. I love Jeremy London. And it was great to see Sally Struthers again in something!!
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