Aug 8, 2002
Tsai may be ploughing the same furrow once too often.
Mar 8, 2002
His best film remains his shortest, The Hole, which makes many of the points that this film does but feels less repetitive.
Feb 4, 2002
The weight of the film's opaque, numbingly studied details ... is oppressive.
Feb 1, 2002
Often lingers just as long on the irrelevant as on the engaging, which gradually turns What Time Is It There? into How Long Is This Movie?
Jan 24, 2002
Most of the movie is so deadly dull that watching the proverbial paint dry would be a welcome improvement.
Jan 22, 2002
An art piece in which everything seems to be a metaphor for something else, and as pleasing as it is to watch, it's too pretentious by half.
Jan 18, 2002
A determined, ennui-hobbled slog that really doesn't have much to say beyond the news flash that loneliness can make people act weird.
Dec 9, 2001
Demands too much of most viewers.