Mar 16, 2020
Throughout, Tsai makes his rhymes work with an almost subliminal grace: from him to her, from clocks to hearts, from an ancient Paris graveyard to the modern passageways of locker-like columbaria...
Mar 7, 2018
This wonderful, one-of-a-kind movie hops from Taiwan to France, from tragedy to deadpan comedy and, in its mysterious conclusion, from the worldly to the otherworldly.
Dec 30, 2006
Mar 10, 2003
Aug 8, 2002
Tsai may be ploughing the same furrow once too often.
Jun 11, 2002
If you've the patience, there are great rewards here.
Mar 28, 2002
While its careful pace and seemingly opaque story may not satisfy every moviegoer's appetite, the film's final scene is soaringly, transparently moving.
Mar 22, 2002
Tsai's confidence in the deep power of silence drives home the film's inner convictions. Its surface works coolly, intriguingly and, happily, feebly in opposition to the heart of the matter.
Mar 21, 2002
At times, Tsai's approach makes viewing this film like watching paint dry, but what a sublime design it makes.
Mar 21, 2002
Alternates between deadpan comedy and heartbreaking loneliness and isn't afraid to provoke introspection in both its characters and its audience.
Mar 13, 2002
Mr. Tsai is a very original artist in his medium, and What Time Is It There? should be seen at the very least for its spasms of absurdist humor.
Mar 1, 2002
What Time Is It There? is not easy. It haunts you, you can't forget it, you admire its conception and are able to resolve some of the confusions you had while watching it.
Feb 8, 2002
A rare film that actually expands and deepens in the memory when its time on screen has run out.
Feb 4, 2002
The weight of the film's opaque, numbingly studied details ... is oppressive.
Feb 1, 2002
The story that emerges has elements of romance, tragedy and even silent-movie comedy.
Jan 22, 2002
An art piece in which everything seems to be a metaphor for something else, and as pleasing as it is to watch, it's too pretentious by half.
Jan 18, 2002
A film of surprise and wonder, lyrically attuned to the ticking intensity of romance.
Jan 11, 2002
It's the kind of leap a director makes when he has become so sure of the techniques and themes that have preoccupied him that he seems unable to make a wrong move.
Jan 11, 2002
Tsai has a well-deserved reputation as one of the cinema world's great visual stylists, and in this film, every shot enhances the excellent performances.
Jan 11, 2002
Both exuberantly romantic and serenely melancholy, What Time Is It There? may prove to be [Tsai's] masterpiece.