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What We Do In The Shadows Quotes

  • Deacon: Nick, do you like basgetti?

  • Vladislav: Just leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!
    Viago: What are you bidding on?
    Vladislav: I'm bidding on a table.
    Viago: Are you coming or not?
    Vladislav: Not.
    Viago: I'm gonna go change. We're leaving in 10 minutes.
    Vladislav: Have a good time...

  • Viago: You are a cool guy, but you are not pulling your weight in the flat...
    Deacon: Oh, I'm glad to hear that i'm cool.

  • Deacon: When you are a vampire, you become very sexy.

  • Vladislav: If you're going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you know noone had fucked it.

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