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July 13, 2017
An all time classic cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Includes the famous Kill the Wabbit scene. Considered the best cartoon of all time. My favourite cartoon of 1957.
November 14, 2016
Could easily be hailed as the greatest short cartoon that ever existed
March 2, 2016
I love the attention to detail. Jones is clearly well versed in both the Ring Cycle and German expressionism (although the Ring Cycle is pre-expressionism, they are both German). The film's legacy is incredible, and for good reason. This is how the public views opera, whether it knows Wagner or not.
May 17, 2015
What's Opera, Doc?, Often considered Chuck Jones' magnum opus, lovingly lampoons Disney's Fantasia and Wagner's Ring Cycle while also re-imagines what was by then a very cliched Bug and Elmer conflict formula with stylistic expressionist backdrops, tragic romance and jokes aimed at Wagner's ponderous, operatic style.
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½ August 21, 2014
This short, one of the greatest Looney Tunes, by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese is on the National Film Registry. Uses several of Wagner's opera compositions to re-imagine Elmer Fudd's never-ending pursuit of Bugs Bunny. The expressionist set and hilarious visuals are excellent. I just wish it was longer than seven minutes. I'm so glad I was able to share it with my wife, who didn't know what I was talking about when I sang, "Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!" Somehow she missed this as part of her childhood.
½ February 24, 2013
What's Opera Doc is probably the most famous of the Looney Tunes shorts and it's for a good reason. It's a good and funny 7 minute short starring the ever-lasting feud between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. In an opera-like setting, Elmer tries to "kill the wabbit" but falls in love with Brunhilde, who is secretly Bugs in drag as a German girl. It's a funny set-up and it's great animation for its time, a job well done.
October 13, 2012
Chuck Jones' directorial masterwork, this short cartoon retells Wagner's Ring Cycle through the lens of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. It's difficult to fully state the many strengths of What's Opera, Doc?. The animation is superb, the background paintings transcend theatrical animation, the voice acting is hilarious, and the music is a lively transcription of Siegfried's epic tragedy. Anyone who hasn't seen this yet should rectify that issue immediately.
March 11, 2012
Want to enjoy Wagner's "Ring Cycle", but just don't have the time? Why not kick back, and watch Bugs and Elmer condense it down to under seven minutes. Though I don't know the background of Wagner's opera(s), my current idea is totally drawn from this excellent cartoon. With a mix of classical music (with modernized vaudevillian lyrics), and outstanding visuals, pllus the bonus of the interplay between Bugs and Elmer makes for a very enjoyable experience. Also, in my opinion, this might be an excellent way of introducing classical music to young children (along with "Rabbit of Seville"). I really can't add much more without recapping every wacky second of this production. Still, I'm obligated to mention two highlights: Elmer's repeatedly vicious "Kill da Wabbit!", and the dialog involving Elmer's "Spear and Magic Helmet". Another MUST SEE for your bucket list.
February 26, 2012
One of the best Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoons ever!
December 24, 2011
Classic Looney Tunes, one of the best shorts the studio ever produced, with the voice work of Mel Blanc and directed by the legendary Chuck Jones. The short is one of the best Bugs/ Fudd team ups, with a wonderful parody of Opera.Who wouldn't want to see this?
July 3, 2011
Possibly the most famous Bugs Bunny cartoon, critics and artists love it for the extravagant designs and the condensed music of Wagner, and cartoon fanatics can enjoy the ludicrous mix of the familiar wabbit hunt performed as an opera, including the traditional drag scene. It's a cracker, but it's also only one gag and the punchline is somewhat overwhelmed by the style. It doesn't get tired, but there are even better Looney Tunes out there.
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January 15, 2011
This eternal childhood favorite has the blasphemous and magical capacity of keeping such status for whole different reasons with the passage of time. It may have been its unbelievable inventiveness the one that caused this short the first one to ever be selected for the National Film Registry, but this "tragic" mess is hilarity at its maximum theatrical expression, while Bugs is chasen by the demigod Siegfried while referencing famous theater musicals. Astonishing.

½ December 29, 2010
One of the most indifferent and less funny Bugs/ Elmer shorts.
½ August 29, 2010
headphone scene is original
½ January 17, 2010
Back when cartoons brought a little culture to the table (and not just pop).
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October 22, 2009
Aw, I love Bugs Bunny.
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October 22, 2009
Delirious,blasphemous and yet ravishingly innovative!
Inspired by the likes of slapstick stars,musical numbers (did i forget to say the obvious William tell reference),there's not exactly a happy ending rather a diversion of functioned tragedy...and Mel Blanc drives the vehicle of lunacy!
Rossini would have loved this for sure.
June 19, 2009
Chuck Jones at the top of his game. Wonderfully and imaginitively animated and Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are hilarious as they play with operatic conventions.
½ June 19, 2009
There is no doubt that Chuck Jones was an absolute master of what he did. This cartoon pulls out all the stops and puts a unique twist on the traditional Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd scenario. It sort of loses momentum towards the end when one considers that the ending is a departure from the previous Looney Tunes. But Bugs's little quip at the end makes up for it.
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