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½ October 7, 2013
Strange, original comedy combines satire, a film-within-the-film, and near visionary experiences.
October 31, 2010
Well... Dan Dailey's OK in this one, and the situation of a lauded (supposed) hero being forced to stay out of the war through bureaucracy is interesting. As soon as the film abandons that, however, and turns into an adventure, it becomes boring. Not a total waste though - the strength of Ford's visuals carries it through occasionally. And Corrine Calvet is easy on the eyes.
½ January 7, 2009
A funny, though trifling, entertainment from Ford about the desire of young men to serve their country in combat, and the small communities that support them. The film gets at this through its comic treatment of Willie, a man who can't seem to get assigned to a combat unit. Ford's photography is crisp and controlled, including an excellent montage when the town finds out about Pearl Harbor.
December 26, 2008
good but not one of Ford's best
August 25, 2008
Some of the Army training scenes are spectacular: row upon endless row of men doing jumping jacks, etc. Some of the stunt flying is pretty touch and go as well. Itâ??s amusing that some of the Army equipment and facilities look eerily similar to the Army training base Iâ??m currently writing this from. I also happen to be in a similar situation where I find myself near my hometown and seeing family unexpectedly prior to departing for war. The voiceover is an odd touch for Ford though; it gives it a definite period/genre feel. The musical number only adds to this impression. I thought I knew where the film was headed after the first several minutes, but I should have known better due to the tone of the voiceover and general mood set by Ford. He managed to surprise me once again. I erroneously imagined a first act where he was hailed as the hero, a brief second act in war, and a third act similar to Best Years of Our Lives. Boy was I wrong. I expect Hawks could have done a bit better with this material though; itâ??s more up his alley. This is less recognizable as Ford than most; itâ??s more Hollywood.
½ March 22, 2008
One of those "golly gee" type comedies that don't entirely work now. About a small town fella who ends up getting trapped behind enemy lines. Enjoyable but kinda corny.
½ January 15, 2008
Rolig och fartfylld komedi om soldat under andra vÀrldskriget som tar vÀrvning sÄ fort han kan, men blir placerad i sin hemstad som instruktör. Till slut kommer han dock ivÀg till Europa, och dÄ hÀnder allt sÄ fort att han knappt mÀrker vad som hÀnder. Det blir inte bÀttre av att han Àr oavbrutet berusad, och placeras pÄ mentalsjukhus. Men allt slutar naturligtvis lyckligt.
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