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½ October 13, 2011
Interesting film about the father/son relationship. Documents the progression well (and I was almost in tears by the end, sheesh). Some weird filmography - lots of reflection and mirrors.
October 9, 2011
An ok film about a father/son relationship. Jim Broadbent is excellent. It feels like a telemovie though. I think it has something to do with the cinematography, which has a yellowish hue throughout the entire film. It just didn't seem right or believable due to that.
August 27, 2011
Drip by drip as Blake revisits his own life, his father's life is dwindling away. It's a journey back for him, to see his life revealed through his father's actions. So easily the film could've gone for the easy Kleenex lines and scenes, but it makes about this father and son and their relationship, though complicated, into something we can all tap into, especially since we all have fathers or father figures. Throughout the film, Blake comes to understand his father as human being and not just his father. There does seem to be that moment growing up where we start to recognize them as more than our everyday heroes, but sometimes it takes years, and even death, to come to terms with each little detail in what makes up our parents: what they did for us, how they loved us, and how they lived their own lives in turn (perfect or imperfect). The two leads, Firth and Broadbent give terrific turns here as father and son, and Matthew Beard, as the young Blake provides a great basis for the adult character. Touching and heartfelt, but honest, and never mawkish in the way it presents itself.
½ August 3, 2011
Cerita : 7/10
Akting : 7/10
Ending : 8/10
Kepuasan : 8/10

Pecinta drama jangan lewatkan film yang satu ini. Film ini menampilkan hubungan ayah dan anak lelaki yang tidak mudah bahkan bisa menghantui hingga si anak dewasa. Judul film ini, anda akan menemui korelasinya di akhir film yang membuat saya merinding. Sangat powerful, deep, dan authentic. Tapi bagi pecinta non-drama film ini bisa menjadi berpotensi membosankan. Like it.
July 27, 2011
Is a heartbreaking movie and has an awesome message of morality in it: 'Never ever hate any of those you love, because one day they will not be there for you and it will be to late to say your forgiveness to them and you will live with that guilty forever' - long but is the truth.

Plot: Arthur is not the typical dad of the family, he lies a lot. Blake has trouble with his lies and he wishes everything changes, even his dad. Years later, something happens that will make Blake say: 'I wish I was there to say my sorries to you'. I won't spoil a thing but if your planning to see this film, and somehow in your family something similar happened, you may end crying or feeling sorry for yourself and those around you...it will make you think even without trying it. Stars for this amazing story-telling.

Acting: The cast was awesome. They all nailed their roles. Matthew and Colin nailed Blake and even made the role look special and stunning. Juliet as Kim was marvelous, Jim Broadbent as Arthur was outstanding and inspiring. Claire as Gillian was incredible, same Elaine Cassidy as Sandra (she also did amazing on a past film I watched of her, Disco Pigs with Cillian Murphy). This women has an amazing talent. I love this cast and that's it. Stars for all of them!

Music: The score was bloody brilliant, and it got me in tears. Stars for this amazing musicians and their amazing talent for music.

July 24, 2011
Great casting with Colin Farrell and Jim Broadbent. subdued and restrained in its approach, very British I would say. Quite emotionally charged though as the film examines its title in an interesting way. When was the last time Blake (or us) really seen our father? Was it at the funeral or his sick bed?
½ July 14, 2011
it's good as a source material in itself. novel or not novel, autobiography or not autobiography, its standout storytelling carries it through.
½ July 4, 2011
And when did you last see your father? is a humanistic film that touched my feelings deeply and made me feel identified with the father & son relationship. The film's structure is weird and sometimes it feels it isn't a real movie, but it's recommendable overall.
June 29, 2011
Not as sad as i expected. Jim Broadbent's character was the highlight of this movie.
May 29, 2011
When Did You Last See Your Father is terribly boring. That is all there needs to be said. Do Not Watch.
May 3, 2011
This sounds too deep to watch; as I myself will have to deal with these same situations some day.
April 2, 2011
Talented cast, depressing story, one of life's hardest times. Nothing new to the world of cinema but an intense storyline.
½ March 23, 2011
Um drama entre pai e filho, diferenças críiticas e talvez um imenso amor um pouco tarde demais. Comovente.
½ March 4, 2011
Beautifully acted, directed and filmed. Cold performances lead to a warm, emotional ending with great images of northern England.
½ February 14, 2011
A sensitive portayal of manhood and its conflicts, the need for resolution of issues, an understanding that it's 'never too late'.

Not recommended for action-man petrolhead addicts, but a must-see for anyone intersted in what makes a boy become a man.
January 31, 2011
Movie depicting the ups & downs in a father and son relationship based in the memories of the poet Blake Morrison.
The film is set in three different times, when he was a child, when he was a teenager and when he was in his forties and his father was dying of cancer.
Very good performances from Firth and Broadbent make this a tour the force between two different personalities, the cheating and charismatic Dr. Morrison and the idealistic and bookish poet son.
This is a moving tribute and ultimate portrait of Dr. Morrison
½ January 15, 2011
while the story is of great poignancy, and so well acted by broadbent and firth, what i liked best was the style the film had, which could otherwise have been quite mundane, the flashbacks, reflections and photography meant it always remained interesting
November 15, 2010
This film brought back bittersweet memories for me of my own relationship with my father. There were strong performances throughout the film from Jim Broadbent, the wonderful Colin Firth, the talented young Matthew Beard, Juliet Stevenson, Elaine Cassidy and others.
November 5, 2010
Very moving. Also, very human. A little slow, but otherwise wonderfully performed.
October 1, 2010
Life is about moments. And only those moments really matter. Not bad, but haven't I seen it before? x
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