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June 9, 2017
"I'll have what she is having" :D Good old classic loved it !!!
½ May 29, 2017
Absolutely classic, and pretty funny. Enjoyed it more as a cornerstone of the Rom-Com genre, however, than per se.
May 14, 2017
Can't believe it takes 12 years for Harry and Sally to finally fall in love!
½ May 3, 2017
A smart, moving, and funny romantic comedy that ranks among Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" for its brilliance.
April 14, 2017
Fantastic love story.
April 12, 2017
A great date movie. Told from both men and women's point of view about dating and relationships, you get a better understanding about how the other side thinks. It will make you laugh and cry all the way till the end of the movie. A must see for romantics everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ March 15, 2017
When its eye or see some people a certain way? When we can recall the first moments we laid eyes on the one we intended to marry. When love at first sight is common when you eye a gorgeous babe. When it's not always love at first sight but second. When we have all eyes on someone else. When we have no eyes but an ass, ears, and mouth for some people. When we can clearly see people by hearing them speak. When all eyes are on the road and passenger. When we can eye some people and automatically make an assumption. When we naturally have all eyes on us when we don't care what people think. When we eye people for how for real some people can be when they surprise us with what they say, conduct their life and have a unique perspective. When we clearly focus in we have eyes to see how beautiful some people are. When we are eyeing other things when we see how some people react to compliments, arguments, topics and issues. When we don't see eye to eye on somethings, but naturally click. When we clearly see we made an impression on one another to recall how we never saw eye to eye on somethings. When some faces we eye make a longer impression then others. When we eye other things that stand out more than others. When we eye someone from an array of faces and perspectives that we meet to single out only the important things that stand out in our eyes. When not even enough time apart we are able to see eye to eye. When we have tackled many perspectives to conclude on our own point of view from other eyes we came across. When sometimes all you need to see is our eyes to get the message. When we can eye only one person from an array of choices to know you are the one. When we do see eye to eye with some people whom are like us. When we what we eye we recognize when we eye ourselves much less. When we don't mind keeping an eye on some people compatible that we might be interested in. When our eyes aren't everything and we start using our head when we stop choosing people based on what we see. When we need to keep an eye on some people to see if they are loyal or unloyal. When what we eye we put two and two together when we don't mind eyeing anyone off limits or available. When somethings we eye we stumble upon and happen to be in the neighbourhood. When we eyeing is for kids when we play eye spy. When we see eye to eye on somethings when it comes to heartbreak and intimate mature conversations about relationships we search for elsewhere but not into each others eyes. When we have to keep our eyes open when we don't know if our eyes are broken or not working when we continually miss what our eyes can see. When we don't need eyes to see that our tone says something about us. When our eyes are on work when we see things in a work mindset. When our eyes need to be on things that personify romance that we lack to give us the idea of what we are missing. When our eyes can do so much watching when it needs to sleep. When we need to get to the eye of the problem when we try to analyze our dreams to see what's wrong. When we don't need to eye anyone to get an answer or know what to do when it's not in is or not us to do so. When we eye some people in the perspective that is helpful when we are friends. When we eye a change is needed when our eyes are in need of style. When we wish people eyed us like a piece of meat that we make them see what they are missing and can't see. When we don't need to see or eye when your point is proven by your tone. When all eyes are on us when we make a spectacle of ourselves in front of everyone to care. When we eye the traditions, rituals, novelties and glitz of the holidays and new years to lift our spirits, but not all we see eye to eye on. When we come all this way and find out we eyed the wrong person to facing it we have to let go. When we don't need to eye anyone when we get the perspectiveÃ,  and news from someone else to know. When our eyes see things that might go well, when they have little in common but then again we wear glasses. When we never intended to eye and quote when meet the writer.
When others are able to see eye to eye on somethings and hit it off and by coincidence compatible when their eyes and mind are able to pick up words that resonates to them. When we rather eye some people we are comfortable with. When we eye the samething when it feels right that we get a move on. When we don't know whom we are going to meet or get arranged with until that moment when we see eye to eye that we know they are the one. When our mind is synced with our eye when we have only one thing on mind keeping an eye on the ball and scoring. When our eyes are always on games, plays, fun, and entertainment when we have high hopes. When we come face to face and eye to eye on the vary thing that puts us down. When what we eye we are not interested when our mind is on something else. When we rather eye something that doesn't remind us of a broken marriage/life we regret. When eyeing means taking sides when eyes are based on perspectives, tastes and vie ws and not eye candy. When we have to satisfy all eyes when our tastes in style and fashion don't matter. When it's better not to eye anything when it causes problems. When our eyes tells us somethings but we block, when we need to analyze things using our mind. When what we eye others dont see when it's a matter of perspective. When we rather not eye people whom are not in us to like whether it's height or age issue that we can't see being friends with. When we have eyed the worse when we received the inevitable bad news of the end and we eye hope fade away. When our eyes and emotions are connected when we cry our eyes out for a lost love. When we eye that we always have a shoulder to cry on and eye someone whom we deeply care about always going to be there for us. When our eyes speak two different things when forever and what have I done speak louder then words. When our eyes say something but our mouths lie to say we are comfortable. When our eyes rather be doing something else they be awake, sleep. When we see eye to eye but two different things when we dread being the one night stand and happy to leave still as friends. When we don't need eyes to know how it feels to be their shoes. When we need another pair of eyes to know what each other is thinking and seeing. When we see ourselves saying things but it's not the same when we meet eye to eye. When we can't eye one another the same way when we are uncomfortable with what we did. When other things we eye we can stand when it's honestly beautiful and others are dishonestly ugly. When all eyes are on the bride and groom on their big day but us whom make it but them. When we need to eye each other to make sure everything is okay to know that it isn't okay and unresolved. When our eyes never meant what you thought our eyes meant to sadly misinterprete our eyes intention. When some people only have eyes for one person and we have eyes on us but not each other. When we need to eye one another again when we left off on a terrible note. When we don't need eyes to see but hear someone is genuine but lack understanding on our level. When we need to look back and see if we missed anything when we need a break from eyeing things too much. When there are plenty of beauty all around us to eye that we find ourselves doing it alone and not with you. When we eye the hour and time at hand when we do the same thing every year but don't feel it's right with the people we see. When we eye where some people are to know before it's too late how we really see them and how our eyes and not wrong or no good but feel the same way that you see when we know it. When we eye people the way we always see them, comfortable to talk with as friends and then see the world however perspective that we either agree to disagree or call the whole thing off. When seeing eye to eye we need to be on the same level to gaze into each others eyes and see each other for whom we want and what we want in a relationship when it so happens to be you.
March 1, 2017
It's sweet even though you know how it's going to end before it gets going because the dialog tells you what will happen.
½ February 11, 2017
Possibly the last of the truly timeless rom-coms, the outfits may be dated (hat and gloves for daywear? In summer?) but not much else has. Neither of the leads has ever bettered their work here.
½ January 20, 2017
Good film. Very cute and fairly funny
January 2, 2017
Les dialogues, les scène cultes, la chimie entre Crystal et Ryan font de ce film un classique du genre (comédie romantique). En fait, il ne s'est probablement jamais fait rien de mieux.
January 2, 2017
Sometimes people make things complicated by their own rules. We want this, we search for that, but we ignore the closest thing we can have due to somewhat rules or principles.

Well, sometimes love maybe complicated. Not due to how it is, but how we are being too hard on ourself. Try to ignore it, try to think it can and will never be. But then, why not? Why not give it a try a see where it can lead us.

There is lot of things we can relate with Harry and Sally especially for the complexity in relationships. But, as they say man are from mars and women are from venus. It's never an easy job.

Its not a surprise this movie is one of the timeless romantic comedy. Bill Crystal and Meg Ryan are both hilarious and share great chemistry. The script are also well written, there are just to many quotes to be taken. My favourite one is the "it is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk" quote.
December 6, 2016
Baby fish mouth, baby fish mouth! Rob Reiner at his best. 1989 and 1990 put out some grest movies and When Harry Met Sally is easily one of the best. This film is a must watch romantic comedy. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are perfect together and work off one another beautifully. The film is FULL of great lines, the first sentence of this review being one of them. The best compliment I could give this film is sometimes magic comes together and just makes you want to watch a film 10 times. I'll call this the Princess Bride factor. This film is a 10 on the Princess Bride factor. I could go on and on but the simple fact is, just watch the movie. You'll love it or your money back.
P.S. The soundtrack is GREAT. Not quite Maximum Overdrive great but darn good. Good watching!
½ November 26, 2016
Excellent stuff. It set a high standard for the romantic comedies, while none of them managed to match it
November 14, 2016
When Harry Met Sally..., is a film that came out in '89 but yet it feels timeless because it tackles the old age question, can men and women be friends without the sex? Whether or not you agree with the answer that this film gives you, it is executed very well. Bill Crystal and Meg Ryan and both hilarious and share great chemistry. This film shows us that relationships don't always have to be love at first sight and that love can be found in the craziest places!
Super Reviewer
November 14, 2016
As good as Ryan and Crystal are, it's Ephron's screenplay that is the real star here. She turns a premise that should be utterly exhausting into an enjoyable and insightful comedy.
October 8, 2016
A sweetly cute movie-and a wondrous autumnal classic. A well-deserved four stars.
½ September 27, 2016
When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy that nicely upholds that relationships are good, however hard they are to work for.
September 23, 2016
How can the archetypical modern romantic comedy also stand as one of the best modern romantic comedies? Let us examine the success of the tropes, in the case of When Harry Met Sally: our two lead characters, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, live detailed, individual lives, the comic relief sidekicks, Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby, milk Nora Ephron's deliciously charming script for all of its cartoonish effect, director Rob Reiner saddles such antics back into a movie deeply rooted in reality, and, good grief, this is both romantic AND comedic. In the reinforcement of the film's theme as to how good of friends a man and woman can be without sex, Crystal and Ryan play off one another like the best of friends would in everyday life. That feels like love to me. Even the "misunderstanding," the bane of most romantic comedies in that they stab pacing straight in the back, moves the plot in a manner that indicates not another case of miscommunication, but a fundamental misunderstanding of oneself. Absolutely magical. The accusations that Rob Reiner merely ripped off Woody Allen are envious and inaccurate excuses for how Reiner actually managed to define the modern romantic comedy: We have grown sick of the saccharine garbage, but that does not mean we have to be cynical about love.
½ September 9, 2016
The best movie Woody Allen never made.
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