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½ June 17, 2017
The KISS rule applies to this turkey--Keep It Simple, Stupid! Whoever wrote the script has a weak grasp of internal logic and cause and effect, seemingly throwing darts at a random plot dartboard whenever they had to answer the question, what next? The performances are professional-grade, but the backstory makes less and less sense the more you try to think about it. Guy shows up from "out there" to carry out a simple act that will tip the balance of Earth's future so it can join a cosmic alliance of peace and advanced technology. Some guys are sent to stop him. Fine--leave it there!

But no, the writer has to keep defying logic every time he tries to explain something. He can't seem to keep straight who the "League" and the "Ministry" are, or why people from either might want to stop the mission. It would have been better to have a distinctly "other" villain to keep things clear.

There's a lot of overwrought nonsense about watches that beep to warn you when you are changing the timeline, as if a warning after you've done something wrong somehow prevents you from causing the damage you would have done by doing it. Or why it matters who puts change in the fateful parking meter, or which change, or precisely when. In the end, it's another character who puts money in the meter, well after the cop shows up to write a ticket, and he just waves it off with a literal "Whatever!" Which just about sums up the story, so i guess it's appropriate in a sense.

After that wet firecracker of a climax, instead of the critical act preserving Earth's future, for no apparent reason it rewrites the past. Suddenly the love interest's life of bad luck and disappointment is set right, and our hero appears to woo her anew. Why? How? "Whatever!" Tangled, twisted time manipulation plots are tricky for the best screenwriters--hacks should just KISS.
½ October 11, 2014
This Richard Greico effort grew on me as it went along. An alien sent to Earth to perform a simple time calibration exercise of feeding a quarter into a parking meter in a small dead-end American town is followed by a team of assassins who aim to stop him. Film stays within its budget limitations and offers some humour in the budding romance between the alien and a local waitress/bar server. Seemingly simplistic plot works for the film and in the end proves both clever and amusing.
½ June 9, 2014
Alien Richard Grieco is a demoted planet investigator doing a 'timeline analysis' on Earth. Seemingly menial assignment of making sure a parking meter does not expire is magnified in importance with a couple of strange coincidences. Film owns an odd appeal; playing the waiting game in a dead-end Texas town.
November 29, 2013
was not too bad, would watch it again, want the name of the opening song
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