Where Is Kyra? Reviews

March 1, 2019
Dosunmu seems self-satisfied in securing the gloomy spirits, never excelling in fighting lethargy.
April 12, 2018
Pfeiffer is good - she's always good, and raw, and effective - but watching her here is like seeing her under glass from a block away.
April 11, 2018
Picoult's screenplay is frustratingly slight, never evolving beyond...one note.
April 6, 2018
Where Is Kyra? is less like a narrative and more like a formal experiment in testing the limits of distancing an audience from a story.
April 5, 2018
Like the storyline, the visual style eventually becomes more frustrating than rewarding.
April 4, 2018
Dosunmu and Picoult's efforts to merge art with anguish proves to be too problematic and perhaps esoteric to do the subject matter justice.
April 4, 2018
Sometimes a movie comes along that makes you wonder what the people who made it could possibly have been thinking. Where Is Kyra? is one of them.
April 3, 2018
Michelle Pfeiffer has a rare, boldly deglamorized lead role in a film that is unfortunately unworthy of her.
February 3, 2017
The payoff just isn't there.
January 27, 2017
The problem with Andrew Dosunmu's follow-up to the more compelling "Mother Of George" is that there is so little story that all you have to look at are Bradford Young's impressive compositions and then you wait...and then wait some more.