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½ November 12, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
½ November 13, 2012
One of Newman's few misses at the box office.
June 8, 2011
"En toute complicitť"
March 11, 2011
Varsin mukava trilleri jossa Newmanin sekä Fiorentino pelastaa paljon ja tekee tästä normaalia elokuvaa paremman. Fiorentinon miestä näyttelevä Mulroney on varsin ärsyttävä roolissaan jääden pahasti taka-alalle
August 13, 2010
So disappointing. I figured a crime comedy with Newman would be great...sadly, it wasn't
½ May 27, 2010
great movie, and Linda is great
½ April 18, 2010
Where the Money Is has a preposterous plot, but it's not about a plot, it's about acting. - Roger Ebert
March 24, 2010
Where the Money Is is a 2000 film directed by Marek Kanievska, starring Paul Newman, Linda Fiorentino, and Dermot Mulroney. Legendary bank robber Henry Manning ends up in prison, where he suffers a massive stroke. He is transferred to a nursing home, in the care of Carol Ann McKay, Carol Ann starts to suspect that Henry isn't as sick as he seems, and she and her boyfriend Wayne are soon working with Henry to plan his last and greatest score.
December 1, 2009
For Paul Newman fans!
½ December 26, 2008
Another very good heist movie and funny. I think the story was pretty good that wasn't long but enjoyable to watch. The acting was great by all 3 Newman, Linda Fio and Mulroney throughout the film. With characters were good too but no need about the nurse was former prom queen it was like so what. Overall there wasn't enough action only made it interesting to watch was the planning of the heist (well bad thing to do in real life) and who or what will runaway with the money. Worth a watch.
½ December 7, 2008
:rotten: [b][i]The only thing I can think of after watching such a bad film is, " Why did Paul Newman accept to act in this crap?" Everything (except Paul Newman) looks amateurish, the main problems I found in the movie are a bad story that never should have been filmed, an awful screenplay full of clitches, a pretty low budget that didn't pay attention to quality, Ridley Scott, among others, made this picture look like a made-for-TV movie and the biggest of all was the producers hired a bad director (I guess he was the only guy who agreed to make the film after reading the "screencrap").[/i][/b]
½ October 4, 2008
Newman did his share of mediocre films, but he made every one of them much better, including this one.
½ October 2, 2008
This is one of those movies that only works because the lead is who he is. Even here in his early 70's, Paul Newman's screen presence is as captivating and commanding as ever. This one will manage to leave a smile on your face.
½ September 27, 2008
You would think this film was made for TV. I don't know maybe it is, but the film is very amateurish looking and squanders it's cast.
September 8, 2008
Entertaining romp of a heist flick. Rent it if you see it. Fiorentino, as ever, is hot and Newman is, well, Paul Newman.
July 1, 2008
Paul Newman, well into his twighlight years still manages to pull off a watchable performance, especially in a rather generic film
March 14, 2008
Fun and entertaining little crime film with each lead giving a feisty performance as thieves that simply want to get rich. The characters are so likable that whenever they are placed in danger there is genuine suspense and tension as we do not want them to get caught. Nothing really special, just well made, light-hearted entertainment.
February 24, 2008
great movie, Paul Newman is awesome, Linda and Paul are great together.
February 9, 2008
It's a good thing that Paul Newman's character was only faking the stroke, because the movie was only good when he was a part of the action. Still, I wasn't able to really get into this one... and I do so much enjoy it when a movie sets you up to pull for the "bad guys."
February 7, 2008
Paul Newman is brilliant
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