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Lonely for a friend of his own, an 11-year-old boy invokes special plea to an ancient Egyptian goddess and has her turn his pet cat into a friend. Unfortunately, something goes a little haywire, for the boy's new pal acts like a 30-year-old man.
Comedy , Kids & Family
Directed By:
Written By:
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Hallmark Entertainment


Brent Carver
as Whiskers
Michael Caloz
as Jed Martin
Steve Adams
as Hal Martin
Laurel Paetz
as Jenny Martin
Amanda Strawn
as Principal Gordon
Jacob Tierney
as Jed (age 21)
Mark Bromilow
as Dr. Forbes
Daniel Pilon
as Mr. Mobley
Brigid Tierney
as Melanie
Robert Higden
as Pet Attendant
Suzanne Cloutier
as Alley Lady
Leni Parker
as Shelter Receptionist
Gouchy Boy
as Museum Guard
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Whiskers is a movie about a human-turned cat. Meaning a cat became a human. The plot is pretty simple. [SPOILER] Little boy thinks parents will give away his cat that he loves, he finds a cat goddess, wishes cat was little boy so parents can't give him away (more on that later), cat turns unto a 30-year-old man, no plot for a while, they search for the catman's mom, almost give up until a goddess intervenes, find her, and then they part ways as the little boys find out his parents were just going to send the cat to the vet, but the big secret was the kid's mom was pregnant.[/SPOILER] Seriously, they must have thought up of the plot in...10 minutes. The acting was borderline terrible. The kid needed acting lessons from a bad actor in order to pass as a bad actor, he's that bad. The others simply needed acting lessons. The one guy I did enjoy was the cat who became a man. But the best performers were the cats themselves. The editing is decent for a film made in 1997. The movie is somewhat enjoyable: the catman was simply hillarious, and was the only saving grace for this movie. The music was cheesy and childish-but it's fine cause it's for kids. The special effects, which would be utter fail today, were average for back then. Overall today this is a below average film with a 4/10. I recommend watching the clips of catman but not the entire movie. Common Sense: Why did the kid think that if his cat was a little boy his parents wouldn't give him away? How would he tell his parents? "I wished upon an ancient deity and my cat became a boy." I guess...Wouldn't his parents notice his cat wasn't with him? How come the kid always wears the same clothes-and after a night inbetween the same boxers/undershirt in bed (I only noticed this cause I take note of costumes when I see movies of ALL characters...)? This movie lacks in a lot of common sense and pure stupid characters.

Carlos Uribe
Carlos Uribe

Just saw this movie with my own little whiskers on my lap. I liked it but he liked it more. Just before drinking his milk he said he wished he could a real boy too. If only 10/10 LOL!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!1

zach neiheisel
zach neiheisel

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