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December 29, 2015
So drastically dull and uninteresting I forgot just about everything about it mere minutes after shutting it off.
October 31, 2011
Another movie based on Henry James' Turn of the Screw, which I still have not read. It was pretty good if not kind of slow at times. My only problem with it was when they discover that the sons imaginary friend is not so imaginary, it's so fast. Everyone accepts it. I don't know if it was happen that quickly.
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October 25, 2011
In this movie, a family is concerned that their son's imaginary friend may be real. I was surprised with the ease with which they accepted that he was real, though, it was a lot quicker than in other horror movies. In fact, this is more of a thriller than a horror movie. It was okay, but I wish it were scarier.
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