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December 20, 2015
The White Stripes, captured at their peak.

In 2004 the White Stripes - Jack and Meg White - were the greatest band
in the world. Their first three albums - The White Stripes, De Stijl
and White Blood Cells - were excellent and were largely responsible for
resurrecting rock 'n roll. In 2003 they released their magnum opus -
Elephant, one of the greatest albums of all time, and certainly the
quintessential album of the 21st century.

This concert, in Blackpool, England, on their tour to promote Elephant,
captures them at the top of their game, and captures them incredibly
well. Perfect camera angles - it's like being on stage with them!

And Jack and Meg don't disappoint. Every classic of theirs is there,
plus the covers they like to throw in too (and make their own).

September 27, 2013
this is concert is fucking insane
Super Reviewer
½ December 12, 2012
In January 2004, Detroit-based rock duo The White Stripes played a couple of shows at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England and decided to film them. The result is this nifty little gem: Under Blackpool Lights.

And, my fandom of the band aside, this is excellent. Shot on Super * with a handful of cameras, we get a rousing tour-de-force run through about 27 or so songs over the course of 75-80s minutes, with the majority of tracks taken from the four albums they had released up to that point, as well as a few non-album cuts as well. And not only that, but this is mostly a breakneck set, diving right into song after song with only a few breaks and slower moments scattered here and there.

The setlist is great, and I loved that they shot it on Super 8, as they really enhances the band's raw, lo-fi bluesy garage rock sound and aesthetics. Another thing I love is how much noise they make, especially since it's just two people utilizing voice, drums, guitar, and piano.

I never got the chance to see them live before they broke up (which I'm still kinda bitter about), but this makes up for it wonderfully, and does a great job of showing what they were all about, and just how fun the concert experience can be.

Definitely see this if you're a fan. You can still check it out if you're not, but don't expect to feel the same about it as me.
July 21, 2012
Possibly one of the best rock concert videos of all time!! The enhanced raw power that Jack White puts to even his most quietest songs live makes it incredibly aweing to watch, with the sentimental slide solos of the Son House cover "Death Letter" to the dark distorted tones of "Black Math". Though any Stripes fans will feel a sense of longing (the band split in February 2011) this film cements The White Stripes (aswell as White himself) as one of the greatest rock/blues band in history
April 27, 2012
Fantastic, Jack rocks my socks.
½ March 11, 2011
Meg and Jack White doing their thing in London. It looks ok, but i think the idea to use a grainy film style probably worked better as an idea then in reality. If you are a fan of The White Stripes, then you will probably enjoy this, if not then skip it.
December 19, 2009
Jack White is just amazing on the guitar.
February 22, 2009
when they start to play SEVEN NATION ARMY you can see me in the crowd.
The best gig ive ever been to and ive been to a few
January 20, 2009
Miitico concerto dei Whiite Stripes all'Empress Ballroom di Blackpool in Inghilterra
September 12, 2008
Jack and Meg are two of the fiercest musicians ever. I love everything about the duo and would love to see them live. This DVD rocks.
June 3, 2008
HAHAHAHa SO AWESOME!!! you can borrow it from me if you want.
April 25, 2008
One of the best concert DVD's I have ever seen. Worth a purchase.
April 13, 2008
Jack White looks fucked up during his performance. But other than that, it's a great show!
April 10, 2008
What a piece of crap band!
April 9, 2008
i love the white stripes!!!
April 8, 2008
This is the DVD I couldn't recall the name of when I posted my review of Jolene on My Music. Jacky and Meg White shredding axe and sticks!!
March 23, 2008
Any of the live footage I've seen of the Stripes has been pretty horrible, actually.
½ January 19, 2008
I like this frankly because I love the white stripes, and they're amazing live.
January 10, 2008
A must see, I fell in love with The White Strips all over again!!
January 9, 2008
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