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White Irish Drinkers Quotes

  • Shauna: Do you dare me to take all my clothes off and run through this cemetery naked?
    Brian: I'm not going to dare you, but I might beg you...

  • Shauna: You're not going to ask to draw me naked, are you?
    Brian: No, I always wear clothes when I draw...

  • Patrick: Hey Brian, what's a Irish seven-course meal?
    Brian: Six pack and a potato.
    Patrick: What, that's not funny?
    Brian: I heard it.
    Patrick: Gets a laugh down at Clancy's every time.

  • Brian: Where's Pop?
    Margaret: Where do you think he is?
    Brian: I don't know, maybe a parenting seminar?

  • Jerry: We are White Irish Drinkers! We don't do pills, we don't do weed, we don't do needles, we drink...that is what we do!

  • Brian: Danny, I don't want to steal anything anymore. Let's face it. I'm not exactly a criminal mastermind.
    Danny: I'll teach you. That's what brothers are for.
    Brian: Not really. But I appreciate the thought.

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