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April 5, 2016
Jackie Chan stars as a operative who has gone to Africa to retain an item that could become a new energy source. In the process his team is betrayed, gets separated and suffers a concussion that causes him to lose his memory. The government and CIA want to get the item back at all costs and erase all traces which include Chan who has no idea why various men are after him. Who Am I has some solid action scenes, but really saves the best for last where he fights two fighters at once on the roof of a tall building. It also includes a daring walk along the side of the building, and he eventually slides his way off. The rest of the movie has splashes of great action, but does not feature some of my favorite sequences and there are better Chan flicks out there.
½ October 15, 2015
I just remember loving this movie as a kid.
October 9, 2015
This movie sees Jackie Chan (Who Am I), play a top secret agent who goes on a mission with his elite force to kidnap 3 scientists who are experimenting with a powerful new source. On the way back from the mission, the elite force are double crossed by 2 of the agents within there team and they send there helicopter crashing to the ground. Chan manages to escape from the crash and ends up in the South African wilderness, covered in bruises but he gets saved by a tribe who take him in as one there own. The only problem is that Chan has lost his memory and he keeps on getting flashbacks about his last mission. The tribe then see some cars driving through there area, so Chan goes to investigate, only to find a man dying from a snake bite so Chan saves his life with his new survival skills. The man's sister, who was panicking through the whole ordeal, brings Chan back to civilisation but he is still struggling with his memory lose. The agents that tried to kill the whole elite force, soon realise that he is alive and his life becomes in danger. Whilst fighting against corrupt CIA agents, he pieces together his shady memory and exposes the powerful individuals who stole the unique energy source. The storyline wasn't bad and the action scenes were OK but I still struggled to get into it. It definitely wasn't as authentic as Chans earlier movies and you can see that this film was made for a world wide audience, mostly for the Western market. Chans acting wasn't bad but the rest of the cast was pretty awful. Like most of Chans movies, the stunts were amazing, especially the scene on the helicopter and the epic fight scene at the end but I don't know why he has to over complicate his movies. Anyway, it's worth a watch if your into your action movies but it's not a must-have. Average!

This is another movie which has been written and directed by Jackie Chan which explains why the epic action scenes were spot on. Personally, I preferred his earlier movies like Drunken Master and all of the movies that he done with Sam Seed but thats just me. As this is the beginning of my Jackie Chan season, I'm holding out for his earlier movies, before they started to fly on strings and they had those crazy Kung Fu styles. I'm struggling to find some of the classics so I might have to import them from the Oriental market to have an impressive collection. Anyway, if there's anyone out there who have loads of Jackie Chan movies, or any old classic Kung Fu movies, then please let me know.

Budget: N/A
Worldwide Gross: HK$39million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/adventure/comedy movies about a man who loses his memory and tries to piece his flashbacks together, whilst fighting against armed assassins and corrupt CIA agents. 4/10
½ September 5, 2015
Kind of funny. interesting, and of course great action. Even the storyline wasn't just a shoddy filler, but an engaging one (even though we've seen it a hundred times already)
August 27, 2015
The search of identity.
May 19, 2015
one of Jackie's best
March 25, 2015
The Original cut with him spending a little more time in Africa was Hilarious (Getting chased by a lion up a tree)...Still an awesome movie...
January 11, 2015
really want to see so badly
January 7, 2015
It was really a breakthrough. Some original moves and incorporation of surrounding into the choreography. The plot is great and nice shot from Africa.
½ November 21, 2014
Jackie Chan is just awesome. Amazing stunts and martial arts make this movie fun to watch.
August 14, 2014
Good action packed thriller
July 26, 2014
Top action. Some of the best fight scenes ever.
January 5, 2014
I own this on DVD in a three movie pack along with:
* Gorgeous (1999)
* The Medallion (2001)
½ July 5, 2013
One of Jackie Chan's best. A compelling mystery plot and some of the greatest action he's ever done. The rooftop fight is brilliant. Like Chan's movies it have a tendency to synthesise with time. Even ardent fans would have trouble recalling the finer details of each of his 70-odd works, or distinguishing the often throwaway plots which provide the thinnest of links between each signature skirmish. Though the CGI and special-effects were a bit over-blown we still get classic Jackie-style humour and great fight-scenes and some very nice action-scenes as well. Overall this is a good Chan movie - it has the same faults as all his movies do, but it's funny, has some good action scenes and ends with a really good conclusion. Well worth watching. That the film is able to bring up such interesting issues, all while awing us with graceful action sequences and making us laugh, makes Who Am I a very enjoyable experience. Chan fans shouldn't miss this one.

VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)
June 4, 2013
i have seen this movie countless times and every time it still is amazing and gets even funnier. absolutely brilliant fight scenes and just an awesome movie to watch on your own or with other jackie chan crazy fans. it is a must see and can be watched with family also
April 19, 2013
Inget annat betyg än full pott är över huvud taget att överväga här. Jackie Chan riskerar livet (på riktigt) i var och varannan scen, och spelet från skurkarna är så våldsamt parodiskt att man hela filmen igenom sitter med andan i halsen och kramp i magen av skratt. Det här kan mycket väl vara tidernas bästa actionfilm.
March 17, 2013
An average Jackie Chan movie which lives up to expectations
March 13, 2013
I watched this with Jason Lin and he loved it. (My copy, not his you racists)
March 1, 2013
"Who Am I?" posee todo lo que amamos de una película Jackie Chan, complejas escenas de acción y amaestradas peleas. Y aunque el personaje que interpreta Jackie Chan afirma tener amnesia, es increíble que aún recuerde como pelear.
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