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½ June 9, 2010
Guest Appearances are cool. Music is great as always.
May 2, 2010
A rousing very entertaining event. While the packaging is great for the dvd, this set never really captured The Who as I would have liked it. But I think I watched Woodstock live too many times. This is one hell of a dvd set.

Rhino released this huge package of dvds to showcase their balls, I guess. You get, Tommy (Live at Universal Amphitheatre, LA, 1989.

Then, Quadrophenia Live (no date). Special features.

Finally, The Who, Live Hits (fabulous filming btw).

Townsend has a bad plucking hand, wrapped in tape. This is a definate downer as we would like to see the master Townsend playing at his best.

This is a 3 disc set, very well presented in a nice case with booklet.

If it is nicely priced for you, get it. It was ok for me and am glad I bought it. But to say I watch it more than twice in a week.....uh, NO. Buts thats just me, you may watch it everyday... great!

Good for your rock library. If you can find it for a decent price, get it. Watch it.

The 3rd disc is all live and worth of watching for the older Who. Well shot, sang and worth watching for all your favorites.

In the end, I just guess I think this is an older group The Who. It is NOT the Woodstock Who. Its a really slick show, very well shot presentation.

If you can not pay too much for this it is worth it. The Who are just that. An enigma.
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