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The Whole Nine Yards

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Despite a charming cast, The Whole Nine Yards can't tickle funny bones consistently enough to distract from its sitcom-like story.



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In this black comedy, a criminal discovers a market for murder in the suburbs. After doing time in prison, mobster Jimmy the Tulip (Bruce Willis) moves to a suburban neighborhood. But Jimmy's new neighbors (Rosanna Arquette and Matthew Perry) soon figure out who he is. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Bruce Willis
as Jimmy `The Tulip' Tudeski
Matthew Perry
as Nicholas `Oz' Oseransky
Rosanna Arquette
as Sophie Oseransky
Natasha Henstridge
as Cynthia Tudeski
Amanda Peet
as Jill St. Claire
Kevin Pollak
as Yanni Gogolack
Harland Williams
as Officer Steve
Carmen Ferland
as Sophie's Mom
Howard Bilerman
as Dave Martin
Johnny Goar
as Hungarian Hood
Deano Clavet
as Polish Pug
Stéphanie Biddle
as Jazz Singer
Charles Biddle
as Bass Player
Geoff Lapp
as Pianist
Gary Gold
as Drummer
Robert Burns
as Mr. Tourette
France Arbour
as Mrs. Boulez
Sean Devine
as Sgt. Buchanan
Richard Jutras
as Agent Morrissey
Mark Camacho
as Interrogator No. 1
Joanna Noyes
as Interrogator No. 2
John Moore
as Bank Manager
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  • Jan 15, 2015
    This is a lot less funny than I remembered it being. Of course, not that I ever thought this was one of the funniest films ever made, but then again, when I first watched this movie I was either 12 or 13, so you understand how I might've thought this was funnier back in the day. I was a kid, therefore young and stupid. Is it just me or is Bruce Willis not particularly good at comedies? He can play a straight man role well, but it's not like Jason Bateman in Arrested Development, where his timing and delivery are so perfect that he's just as funny as any of the crazy members of the Bluth family. Bruce Willis, of course, is no Jason Bateman I hate to say, as if that would surprise anybody. I don't know why this film made me realize just how unfunny Bruce Willis is...and I even watched Cop Out. I'm not saying he can't do comedy, cause the Die Hard series has always had some comedic touches with his one-liners. But as a strictly comedy actor, Bruce is no good. It just seems like he has a stick up his ass all the time. And I mean the real-life guy, not the characters he plays, and that renders him unable to do comedy well. So, when all your comedy rests on the shoulders of MATTHEW PERRY, then you know you have problems. To be fair though, while Matthew is certainly really fucking goofy, he did get a few chuckles out of me. The film's script, however, does nobody any favors. Let's divide the film in three parts. The first part would be Oz meeting Jimmy and everything leading to him going to Chicago to rat Jimmy out to his former boss' son, The second part would be Jimmy finding about Oz's plan and trying to find a way to kill the Gogolak gang before they kill him. The third part would be after everything's done, and the Gogolak gang is eliminated, Jimmy and Oz not trusting each other before Jimmy is preparing to collect the $10 million dollars. The first part is the exposition, it's setting everything that's gonna transpire, but to be honest, it's not really that funny, outside of one or two mild chuckles. The second part of the film, somehow, is actually not that bad. This is where most of the comedic highlights take place. I don't wanna say it's like a switch went off, because it wasn't great anyway, but it was infinitely funnier than what I had just seen. The third part, however, goes right back to unfunny, as it was during its exposition. Like they were exhausted and they just couldn't come up with anything else. That's the problem with the film, it's structured much like a sitcom and written like one too. A decent cast, even with unfunny Bruce Willis, and some chuckles certainly don't make up for the film's flaws. Can you believe they actually made a sequel for this film? A sequel that I actually WATCHED?!? I get the fact that the film was financially successful, but it's not like the world was clamoring to spend more time with these characters. You have to take things into consideration, just because people liked it once doesn't mean that they'll like it again. And this is the case with this "series", once was good enough for people. No need to repeat the same formula, you know. It just ends up feeling like a waste of money more than anything else. But I digress, this really wasn't a horrific film by any means, it's unspectacular and forgettable. If you've run out of things to watch then I guess you could give this a shot, but I doubt anyone would ever run out of things to watch to the point that this is the only film that's left. Watch at your own risk.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Jul 25, 2013
    The Whole Nine Yards should have been a far better than what we got. The ingredients were here, but the script lacked to really make it a worthwhile comedy. Some part were funny, but most of the time, the film failed to really take off and be something memorable for film fans. The material was quite interesting, but it should have been reworked to really make it a standout film. I really wanted to enjoy this, but I was disappointed with the result we got. Some parts are funny, but most of the time, the gags falls flat, and halfway through the film, everything just falls apart. I had heard some good things about this one, but overall it fails and it has minimal laughs. This could have been something great given a rewrite or two, but the plot ends up being tiresome and tedious with no sense of how it should conclude in an effective way. Luckily Bruce Willis was interesting in his role, unfortunately the script just didn't deliver on its ideas, and it ended up being a forgettable film not worth your time. This should have been good, but it starts off good, but ends up being a failure. This was a dull film to watch, and it just ended up being a missed opportunity to making something truly worthwhile. I think they had all the necessary ingredients to make this a great comedy, but a few things seemed out of place to really make it stick out a truly funny film the way it should have been. Don't watch this one, you'd be better off watching something else in terms of comedy and The Whole Nine Yards is a bland film definitely not worth your time.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Feb 07, 2013
    The Whole Nine Yards a wildly entertaining and irreverent comedy that's full of laughs. When Oz discovers that his new next-door neighbor is infamous contract killer Jimmy "The Tulip" he unwittingly gets drawn into a mob war. Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, and Natasha Henstridge lead an all-star cast that delivers some great comedic performances. The writing is also rather smart, and is able to spin an intriguing tale full of misleads and double-crosses. The Whole Nine Yards takes a few missteps, but the comedy kills.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2010
    Funny, well though out, and great casting. Worth watching overall.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer

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