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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Quotes

  • Nick: You're all crazy. Nuts.
    Martha: It is the refuge we take when the unreality of the world sits too heavy on our tiny heads.

  • Martha: I disgust me! You know, there's only been one man in my whole life that has ever made me happy. You know that?
    Martha: George, my husband. George, who is out somewhere in the dark, who is good to me, whom i revile, who keeps learning the games we play as quickly as I can change them, who can make me happy and I do not wish to be happy. George and Martha...sad, sad, sad. Whom I will not forgive for having seen me and having said - Yes, this will do. Who has made the hideously hurting, the insulting mistake of loving ME and must be punished for it. Some day, some night, some stupid liquor-ridden night, I will go too far and I'll either break the man's neck or I'll push him for good, which is what I deserve.

  • Martha: I am the Earth Mother and you are all flops.

  • George: Martha, will you show her where we keep the, er, euphemism? [meaning, the bathroom]

  • Martha: George and Martha; sad, sad, sad....

  • George: Yes dear but you mustn't bray.
    George: Yes dear, but you mustn't bray.
    Martha: I don't braaaay!
    Martha: I don't bray!

  • George: And that's how you play "Get the Guests."

  • Martha: I hope that was an empty bottle, George! You can't afford to waste good liquor, not on YOUR salary!

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