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½ December 2, 2015
Aside from Richard T. Jone's poorly written character, Why Did I Get Married blends comedy with marital drama well with a good cast and some reflective ideas on marriage.
October 11, 2015
Can we pray?"

A series of friends led by a psychologist decide to take a couple's retreat to the Colorado mountains to enjoy the local scenery and rebuild their marriages. Each ugly aspect of their relationships unfolds in front of each other bringing some couples closer together and tearing others apart.

"If she ain't cooking grits you ain't got nothing to worry about."

Tyler Perry, director of Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I Can Do Bad All by Myself, For Better or Worse, The Single Mom's Club, Good Deeds, and Meet the Browns, delivers Why did I get Married? The storyline for this picture is very well written and the script and character development was first rate. The settings were perfect as was the character interactions. The acting was solid and the cast includes Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Tasha Smith, and Richard Jones.

"You belong in the kitchen."
"And you belong on a corner. Need a pimp?"

I came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. I enjoy Tyler Perry movies for the most part and this was one of his better movies. The characters were very well thought out and written and the movie was worth following. I do recommend catching this Tyler Perry film.

"I hope he's dead."

Grade: B
October 6, 2015
had so much In common with the couples that made it even more hilarious I could so relate to them
August 16, 2015
As is the case wit many Tyler Perry movies, this movie is really melodramatic, but it makes up for it because of its hilarity and smart, sad discussions about modern marriages.
July 4, 2015
Why did I get married is the first in the line of Tyler Perry's Why did I get married movies. It was a good story that tells a story of the ups and downs of marriage between 3 to 4 couples. This first part actually sets up quite nicely for the second part that I enjoyed way more. If you like Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson going back to her acting routes then you will enjoy this. Although this movie states it's PG 13 I say that parents should be watching this with the younger audience..
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½ April 19, 2015
This one came up on Netflix as a rom com. Definitely more of a drama, though there were some amusing characters and situations (notably, Angela and her temper).
It deals with four married couples and their issues as they gather at a retreat for a holiday. I did struggle to keep straight who was who at times, particularly with the men.
It has a long run time of two hours, so it says a lot that it doesn't wear out its welcome.
The most sympathetic character was Sheila . I really felt sorry for her and loathed her husband. What a pig!
As others have commented, the religious undertones do get a bit much. Particularly right at the end, but I could live with it. I was just relieved they didn't have Diane popping out an unwanted second child to keep her husband happy. That does seem the norm in this genre, so I was waiting for it. Half a star added for a bit of thinking outside of the usual!
Good strong female characters and beautiful scenery with the snow.
November 20, 2014
An interesting take on marriage and its ups and downs.
June 26, 2014
I think at one point most married people have to wonder about what made them get married in the first place. This movie is a comedy most of the time, but when it is serious it cuts deep as it shows the struggles that come with marriage. Though a tad dramatic, it is very believable and probably relevant to many. Whether you are single, dating, married, or divorced I think this is worth seeing.
March 1, 2014
Good real life movie.
½ February 8, 2014
Well. It was ok. However I could have done without Janet Jackson who I didnt believe a bit. Also it was quite melodramatic. Some of it was fun though. So overall ok.
December 18, 2013
Not one of Tyler Perry's best.
October 16, 2013
October 8, 2013
great cuddle movie night.
July 12, 2013
Loved this movie, very entertaining. Chick flick!!
½ June 24, 2013
Tyler Perry was born for Rifftracks.
June 7, 2013
a bit over the top...but entertaining
May 26, 2013
Another soap opra filled drama preaching to his gracious choir. Decent proformences and its really good for all of Perrys plays and films might i add that he is keeping african american singers actors, and actress in good business. Honest critazizim of an art is just that, its if yoused and put into perspective the right way to help achive greater for later.
May 12, 2013
absolutely love it!!
April 24, 2013
very nice movie with many lessons in it!
April 8, 2013
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