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½ August 6, 2015
Hartnett is asked to do a lot here but he didn't write the script and that is the #1 thing wrong with this movie.
July 26, 2015
It may contain some plausible performances from Hartnett and Byrne, but the film's unbelievably coincidental occurrences and complexly written script that's hard to follow leave it's viewers lost, rather than satisfied.
½ May 8, 2015
Original is the best
April 19, 2015
I am never a fan of Josh Harett and Diane Kruger but Wicker Park has redeemed itself with very good music and a good storytelling!!
½ April 8, 2015
I was a little confused for part of the movie, but once I got into it I thought it was actually a pretty good movie that kept you thinking.
½ March 9, 2015
Great movie.. Has to be top 3 romantic movies that I've seen.
½ February 9, 2015
It may be flawed but works in its own way.
January 3, 2015
Lots of plot twists and turns to hold your attention good glick
January 2, 2015
twifanfiction version was so much better ;)
December 3, 2014
What happened to Josh Hartnett? What seemed like a promising career has turned into a string of flimsy roles. He deserves better, and this movie isn't it. Convoluted, confusing, and just dumb.
December 2, 2014
Wicker Park is a surprisingly good mystery that hints at being a dark/scary thriller but in the end is a true romance/drama. The plot revolves around 4 main characters and involves some rather shocking retaliations and plenty of suspense to keep you wondering and guessing. I was convinced from the great acting that their love was real and what was going on throughout the movie was all something realistic that could actually happen. Right up to the end it had me on the edge of my seat and after seeing this, I want more romantic films that have suspense and mystery in full effect.
Clintus M.
Super Reviewer
November 12, 2014
The character Alex states, "Love makes you do crazy things, insane things..." and that statement in a way summarizes this tale of love and obsession. Set in a cold, snowy Chicago winter, Wicker Park is about the lying and deception at the heart of obsessive relationships. It's about the lengths the characters will go to in order to pursue love at first sight. This film is hard to follow at times; the viewer has to wait patiently for explanations, and whether the payoff is worth it is debatable. I enjoyed the film for the most part, though it's not without flaws.
Josh Hartnett's character is completely smitten, obsessed with Diane Kruger's character, which I understand-I've loved her since the first time I saw her. Hartnett is competent at playing awkwardly shy yet tenacious, but I would have liked to have seen an actor more capable of emotional depth. Matthew Lillard, too is miscast. He plays Hartnett's goofy friend, and he's a better actor than Hartnett but he wasn't right for this. Rose Byrne's Alex is the most interesting character, and she's the most convincing actor. Appropriately she wears a mask during her Shakespeare performance within this film, just as she figuratively wears a mask-perfect symbolism.
The movie culminates in an insane coincidence-fest at a restaurant, and the ending is corny as well. It is Hitchcockian, this series of coincidences about desperation and obsession. To borrow a line from one of the characters, it's both creepy and hot. Although I'm not a sucker for love stories, I couldn't turn it off, so I give Wicker Park a qualified recommendation.
October 22, 2014
Don't judge a book by it's cover
Super Reviewer
October 4, 2014
This movie could've been better. The switching back and forth was a little confusing. It was a little slow-moving - it felt longer than it was.
August 30, 2014
Really decent drama/thriller featuring a young Josh Hartnett and showcasing a deliciously psychotic Rose Byrne. This is a love story which also features Diane Kruger, Matthew Lillard (in a non-creepy role), and Jessica Pare. The characters are real but not delved into deeply enough. The circumstances could definitely happen. Well worth your time.
½ June 7, 2014
This movie is annoying as hell and Rose Byrne's haircut makes her look like a mushroom.
June 5, 2014
as the plot thickens, the story becomes really interesting..good movie.
June 3, 2014
I've always had a soft spot for Paul McGuigan, his films, although no where near perfect, always have a very polished and individual feel to them. He has his own style and his editing is slick and stylistic. This all rings true of Wicker Park, it is a very nice, very well shot and edited piece of work. Let down only by a couple of niggles that damage the piece somewhat. Wicker Park follows the story of Matthew, a young and budding photographer turned business man, it appears he has the world at his finger tips. close to engaged with his girlfriend, who also runs the company he works for. Just before Matthew is set to go on a business trip on behalf of his girlfriend, he believes he has luckily managed to stumble across an old flame, the one that got away, Lisa. In a moment of madness he goes on this wild hunt for her and ends up involved in a love sqaure with Alice, Luke and his wife. The story is intriguing in itself, and the helplessness of Matthews character, played well by Hartnett, is actually gripping to watch. You may not agree completely with his actions but you root for him in his search for his lost love. Which is made all the stronger when we stumble upon Alice, Rose Byrne, who happens to be dating one of Matts, long time friends Luke, played by Lillard. Diane Kruger does a fine job as Lisa as well, in fact their intertwining relationships are all heart felt and powerful. Its just it becomes a little to perposterous and falls into place by the 3rd act, in a way that just doesnt seem realistic. The inclusion of Matthews girlfriend is treated so half arsed that it almost feels like her being in the film is pointless, its also very unbelieveable how she only phones him once on this supposide trip away once and shes left only to annoy the audience by the final act. She brings nothing to the table as a weighty character and she could have easily been left out. Much is the final act, an edge of the seat time, it also spirals way out of control in order to spell things out that really dont need to be. It spells out the deciet of Alice well enough, then decides to go over board to the point of, look just about every point in the movie shes been hiding in the background... That sort of thing could have been easily missed to make the film a tighter and more focused piece. However the enjoyable acting and slick edit, mixed with impressive cinematography, lead for a flawed but wonderful wee film. That will tug on your heart strings and keep you interested throughout.
June 1, 2014
so disappointed I've been wanting to see this movie for like 10 years and I'm so dam confused I don't know where this started or how the people could be so stupid.
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